Mollet is ready to host Roller Derby during the next World Roller Games

Roller Derby
Roller Derby

During a press conference hold yesterday in the Mollet City Council, Mollet del Vallès has been officially presented as a subvenue of the World Roller Games Barcelona 2019. In fact, the most awaited event of the year will count on four subvenues – the others being Terrassa, Sant Cugat and Vilanova i la Geltrú hosting rink hockey matches – and Mollet will host all the phases of a specific discipline: Roller Derby.

The mayor of Mollet del Vallès and member of the 2019 World Roller Games Territorial Committee, Josep Monràs, the President of the Catalan Roller Sports Federation, Ramon Basiana, and the Executive Director of the WRG 2019, Marc Caballé, were all present during the presentation at Mollet City Council. The event was also attended by representatives of the Mollet Hockey Club, Mollet Figure Skating Club and Radical360.

During the presentation, Basiana explained that the aim was to “take the World Cup out of Barcelona to extend to the territory”. The Catalan Federation President also mentioned that the choice of the subvenues took into account towns where skating was active and the first City Council they spoke with was that of Mollet. Staging an entire World Roller Games competition in Mollet will represent a major boost for the municipality in terms of sport and economics.

Mollet del Vallès will host the discipline of Roller Derby from beginning to end between 9 and 13 July at the Riera Seca Municipal Sports Pavilion. Two competitions will be held there: the Senior Women’s World Championship and Senior Men’s World Championship, with sixteen teams from eight countries participating: Spain, Japan, USA, Australia, Costa Rica, England, China and Colombia.