WRG 2019 - Roller Derby: Ready for the semi finals

Roller Derby
Roller Derby

The United States, with a full of victories, is the most outstanding team of the first phase of the Roller Derby World Championship for men and women. This Thursday the semifinals have been defined in both categories after the last day of the group stage in Mollet del Vallés.

In the men’s category, the United States has added 12 points and has driven the pavilion crazy with the jammer Stephen Carter, who has become the spectacle of the World Cup as top scorer. The American team has won in the third round against Australia, 151 to 21. The second classified is Spain, with nine points, which this morning has been imposed against China, 167 to 26. In the third place is Australia with six points and the fourth, Japan, with three. China has been eliminated without scoring.

In the women's group, the United States has also added 12 points after winning against the other favourite, Australia, by 211 to 72. The classification has been completed with Australia in second place, with nine points; Spain, third, with six, after winning China 149 to 6; and India, fourth, with three. The Chinese have been eliminated and have not added any points.

The semifinals will be played on Friday, July 11th at Riera Seca Pavilion in Mollet. In the male category, United States-Japan (15 h) and Spain-Australia (16.30 h); while in the women’s category, United States-India (18 h) and Australia-Spain (7.30 h).


PHOTO: M. Casanovas/WRG