WRG2019 - Roller Derby: First qualified teams for the semi finals

Roller Derby
Roller Derby

The second day of the Roller Derby World Cup saw the first teams qualified for the semifinals. In the absence of the third and final day of the first phase, the United States, Spain and Australia have passed round with the combined male and female.

In the men's category, with nine points and three victories, the United States leads the group with strength. In the second day, the US has won against China, 97 to 5, and in a tight match against Spain, 60 to 41. Tied with six points are the Australian and Spanish teams, who have won against the Japanese, 93 to 63 and 95 to 32, respectively. Japan is fourth with three points, with all matches played, and China is fifth without points, but with a pending game against Spain.

In the female category, the United States and Australia have nine points. On the second day, the Americans beat India 174 to 45, and Spain 164 to 19. As for the Australians, they won against Spain, 73 to 58. In the third place is tied Spain and India with three points. The Indians have imposed themselves in the last match of the second day against the Chinese (102-36), who still didn’t add any point. The fourth women's ticket for the semifinals will be decided with the duel of China on the third day, which needs to win its match against Spain to pass round and otherwise India would pass.

The third day of the Roller Derby World Cup will close the group stage this Thursday at the Pabellon de la Riera Seca in Mollet del Vallés. The day foresees double duelling, male and female, between Australia-United States and Spain-China.

PHOTO: M. Casanovas/WRG