Inline Speed Skating Worlds: Golden Colombia on the roads


During the day the 100mt races took place: qualification in the morning and quarter, semifinals and finals in the afternoon.

100mt sprint Junior Women
Two colombians in the final for the Gold: Andrea Plaza Bolaño, who passed against Peng from Chinese Taipei, and Valeria Rodriguez Lopez, winning over Mathilde Pedronno - France who got the Bronze Medal. Bolaño was in the front since the gun shot till the finish line.

Gold - Andrea Plaza Bolaño - COLOMBIA
Silver - Valeria Rodriguez Lopez - COLOMBIA
Bronza - Mathilde Pedronno - FRANCE

100mt Sprint Junior Men
Alejandro Huertas Vergara, from Colombia, passed against Chang - Chinese Taipei and run in the final against the American Tinson Sabien who won against Ivan Galar - Spain. Galar got the Bronze Medal. Sabien Tinsen passed both the quarter and semifinal at the fotofinish and got the Gold.

Gold - Sabien Tinsen - USA
Silver - Alejandro Huertas Vergara - COLOMBIA
Bronze - Ivan Galar - SPAIN

100mt sprint Senior Women
Also in the Senior Women the duel was a "Colombian affair": Yesenia Escobar won the semifinal against Chen, from Cinese Taipei. Erin Jackson could do nothing against Geiny Pajaro who got the second place in the final. Chen got the Bronze Medal.

Gold - Geiny Pajaro - COLOMBIA
Silver - Yesenia Escobar - COLOMBIA
Bronze - Chen Ying-Chu - CHINESE TAIPEI

100mt sprint Senior Men
The Spanish Ioseba Fernandez won the semifinal against Simon Albrecht, who started badly, and got the chance to defend the title. Edwin Estrada went to the final by beating the South Korean Kim Jinyoung. Simon Albrecht was injuried and Kim Jinyoung got the Bronze Medal by running alone the race. Estrada and Fernandez were so close but Fernandez crossed the line an handful hundredth of seconds before the Colombian and got the Gold. Fernandez dedicated this victory to his friend Nil now in the hospital.

Gold - Ioseba Fernandez - SPAIN
Silver - Edwin Estrada - COLOMBIA
Bronze - Kim Jinyoung - SOUTH KOREA

Tomorrow the Marathon will be run downtown on the traditional 42.195mt: The Senior and Junior Women will start first at 10.30: at 12.00 the road will be all for the Men, both Junior and Senior.

The podcast of the finals and semifinals are available here

Click here for all the info and results about the event

Pics Credits: Luis Ramirez