Inline Hockey
From July 1 to July 14 there will be Roller In Line Hockey World Championships in Bilbao 6 Spain.Following there is a letter from President George Pickard with Men and Women schedules and pictures of rink.



The Bilbao Organizing Committee today sent us photographs of the newly completed rink which is part of a sports complex in Bilbao, Spain that will be the site for the 2007 FIRS Senior World Championships.  The plastic tile floor is made by Sportscourt.  Players and spectators will enjoy a brand new facility for these world championships which is permanently roofed, but open on the sides.  The skating surface will be approximately 25 X 55 meters (82 X 180 feet).

The site of the arena is located within a municipal sport complex, with the name:

Bilbao Kirolak Zorrotza.

Bilbao Kirolak is the name of the municipal recreation administration for the city.  The street address on their publicity brochure refers all correspondence to the City Hall.  However, after consulting several maps of the city, I can inform you that the complex location is at the corner of Calle Fray Juan (N634) and Calle Rio Castanos.  It is out of the downtown area, to the northeast of the city.


1.  There are 16 men's teams registered for the World Championship, which provides 4 pools in the round robin, seeded exactly according to the revised rules of CIRILH published in the Playing Rules Manual.  Each men's team will play one game per day.  Consult schedule attached as a Microsoft Word document for procedures that will divide the competition into two tournaments after the round robin is concluded, awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the World Championship winners and separate medals for those remaining in the competition for the FIRS World Team Cup.

click here to get Men Schedule in pdf file

2.  Ultimately, less women's teams signed up than was anticipated to participate in the World Championship.  The women's teams number 7 and because of the number of days scheduled, the dates of the 8th and 9th of July will be consigned to team practice, then a full round robin of all teams will take place during the next four days in order to satisfy the published start and finish dates of the World Championship for women.  Those teams that come from overseas can not adjust airline flights without severe economic penalties, so even with fewer teams, we must follow the published schedule.  Please consult the revised game schedule attached to this email.

es to the Organizing Committee of Bilbao, so that you may be met at the airport in Bilbao and conveyed to your hotels.  If you do not have a confirmed hotel reservation in your possession, please consult with the hotel staff or official travel agent Joserra Lanz to provide your lodging guarantees.  You may receive assistance for airport pickup or hotel confirmation by connecting at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4.  The Bilbao Organizing Committee will attempt to compete as much of the individual team credentials as possible before their arrival in Bilbao so that this will not cause inconvenience for the teams.  Please prepare team photos for each player, including only head and shoulders, by using a digital camera, preparing a low-level jpeg version (50 KB approximately) which can be emailed to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to seeing all of our inline roller hockey friends in July at the wonderful new Spanish rink in Bilbao.


Cordially,                                            Click here to get this leter as pdf file


George Pickard

CIRILH President