Inline Hockey World Championships 2018: Second day for the Senior Men and the Junior Women

Inline Hockey

At the end of the second day, the girls from Spain and Italy lead the pool A and B, respectively: it is worthy of attention that the host country, as well as the defending champions from Chinese Taipei, has played only two matches. Tomorrow Italy will play against New Zealand and USA: both the teams risk not to pass to the quarters.

Pool A Spain 5 - Chinese Taipei (one match less) 3 - Great Britain 2 - Australia 2 - India 0
Pool B Italy (one match less) 4 - Finland 4 - Colombia 3 - New Zealand 2 - USA 1

JUNIOR WOMEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Roana. Great Britain - Australia 5-3
Roana. Finland - USA 4-1
Roana. New Zealand - Colombia 2-2
Roana. Spain - India 14-0
Roana. Italy - Finland 2-1
Roana. New Zealand - USA 2-2
Roana. Great Britain - Chinese Taipei 0-7

The Czech won a match not easy at all against Switzerland. Colombia scored firstly and took the lead, but the Canadiennes quickly came back and got the better of the South Americans. In the Pool C, the American hurricane overwhelmed India. In the Pool D, Slovakia and Argentina won over Brazil and Australia. Sweden got the better of Great Britain and leads Pool E. Chinese Taipei won against Ireland and is on the top of the Pool F together with Japan: from the land of the rising sun 13 goals against Mexico. Great match between France, 2017 Champion, and Spain: at the end of the first period, "le Bleu" were leading with one goal in advance thanks to a goal scored in power play. The French ruled till the break whistle and the match seemd to be closed, but in inline hockey you never know and, back from the locker rooms, the Spaniards seemed to be unstoppable scoring two goals in few minutes. France came back and pushed hard in the Spanish area: actions after actions they conquered the tie. Neither Spain nor France gave it up in a match that showed a very high level inline hockey: it was France to have the best and the final score was 3-2. In the last match of the day, "Gli Azzurri" met Latvia: the first period was a continuos chase. Matteo Bersanti opened the dance and scored the first goal for Italy; two minutes later, Munari scored and stepped up the Italian advantage but in less than one minute Latvia tied thanks to two great goals by Roze and Batraks. Italy woke up from a kind of black-out and Tomnolato and Munari scored the 4-2 that closed the first period. Back to the rink, apart from a few Latvian attempts, Italy overruled and leads the Pool B together with Czech Republic.

Pool A France 4 - Canada 3 - Spain 1 - Colombia 0
Pool B Czech Republic 4 - Italy 4 - Switzerland 0 - Latvia 0
Pool C USA 4 - India 2 - China 2 - Slovenia 0
Pool D Argentina 4 - Slovakia 2 - Brazil 2 - Australia 0
Pool E Sweden 4 - Germany 3 - Great Britain 1 - Poland 0
Pool F Chinese Taipei 4 - Japan 4 - Ireland 0 - Mexico 0

SENIOR MEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Asiago. China - Slovenia 1-0 (Forfeit)
Asiago. Chinese Taipei - Ireland 7-1
Asiago. Germany - Poland 1-0 (Forfeit)
Asiago. Argentina - Australia 5-2
Asiago. Brazil - Slovakia 2-11
Roana. Japan - Mexico 13-3
Asiago. Sweden - Great Britain 2-0
Roana. USA - India 41-0
Asiago. Czech Republic - Switzerland 4-2
Asiago. Canada - Colombia 7-2
Asiago. France - Spain 3-2
Asiago. Italy - Latvia 4-2

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Pics credits: Roberta Strazzabosco & Max Pattis
Facebook Highlights credits: Wissem Jaubert