Inline Hockey World Championships 2018: amazing quarter finals

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As expected there were not many surprises in the Junior Women Quarter Finals: already in the first part of the tournament Finland, Spain, Italy and Chinese Taipei showed a very high level in both technical skills and team strategies so their rivals had a very few opportunities to peek out. However, also the emerging countries showed an interesting approach and in the next years we surely will see the outcomes of the hard work they are doing.

JUNIOR WOMEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Roana. India - USA 0-14
Roana. Finland - Great Britain 5-0
Roana. Spain - New Zealand 8-0
Roana. Italy - Australia 10-3
Roana. Chinese Taipei - Colombia 4-0 

July 27 - Junior Women Semifinals Schedule
Roana. Finland - Chinese Taipei 2.40pm
Roana. Spain - Italy 4.10pm

What a match between Czech Republic and USA! Both the teams closed the pools phase unbeaten: USA had a simpler qualification path even though had to play the barriages to gain the chance to pass to the quarters and the Czechs managed to win over the Italians in the match for the lead of the ranking. The Americans unlocked the result thanks to a goal in power play and Czechs were able to tie only few minutes before the break, benefitting from a power play as well. Back to the rink, it was USA to score: Czechs tied after 2 minutes and managed to score also the advantage goal. USA tied at one minute and half to the end, again in power play, and it's overtime: on assist by Ales Chamrad, Petr Sinagl scored the sudden death goal and the Chezchs fly to the semifinals. In spite of the easy qualification, since the very beginning the USA seemed to be the team to beat and the feeling was absolutely confirmed during this match.
Also the game between Spain and Switzerland was quite balanced and the teams had to go to the overtime as well: at the end it was the goal by Jules Sturny that delivered the semifinal to Switzerland. The Swiss will meet tomorrow the Czechs.
An intense match between Italy and Canada: the host team got quickly the advantage scoring at 1.32, but there was no time to celebrate as Canada scored and doubled few minutes later. Italy kept focused and was able to come back and to score the advantage goal. It's a tie again thanks to the goal scored by Andrew Rhodes and soon after it's penalty for Italy, power play and fourth goal for Canada. After the break, Canada increased the goal difference. At 6.37 great come back for Italy: counter attack, three men against one and goal by Matteo Barsanti. Few more actions and the last minute without goalie, but nothing to do for Italy and it's Canada the third semifinalist!
The las match of the day was France - Colombia: a surprising Colombia closed the first period leading the game 0-1 and scoring again back from the break. France reacted and scored three goals in a row but the defending champions had a very hard time with the South Americans pushing so hard and keeping the match at a very high speed. Undoubtedly the most unexpected match of the day!

SENIOR MEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Asiago. India - Mexico 0-11
Roana. Brazil - Poland 0-1 (Forfeit)
Asiago. Japan - Slovakia 7-4
Roana. Great Britain - Australia 6-3
Asiago. Sweden - China 21-1
Roana. Ireland - Slovenia 1-0 (Forfeit)
Asiago. Latvia - Germany 2-3
Asiago. Argentina - Chinese Taipei 8-1
Asiago. Czech Republic - USA 4-3 OT
Asiago. Spain - Switzerland 1-2 OT
Asiago. Italy - Canada 4-5
Asiago. France - Colombia 3-2 
Roana. India - Poland 1-0 (Forfeit)

July 27 - Senior Men Semifinals Schedule
Asiago. Canada - France 7.50pm
Asiago. Switzerland - Czech Republic 8.40pm

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The matches from Asiago will be available on live streaming @ World Skate TV
The matches from Roana will be available on live streaming @ World Skate TV 

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Junior Men Podcasts
Senior Women Podcasts
Live Score & Updated Schedule Senior Women
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Pics credits: Roberta Strazzabosco & Max Pattis
Facebook Highlights credits: Wissem Jaubert