IHWC 2018: The Spanish are the IH Princesses; the Czechs on the Top of the World

Inline Hockey

World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu "I am really proud of what I saw in this event: good attendance, great athletes and fairplay, emerging countries coming to light. Altogether, these factors show how much the movement enjoys good health. Most of all, the interest and the participation at the Global Summit are the best possible starting point for a round table that we want to keep active and that surely willl contribute to make this sport more and more popular: it will be the place where ideas can arise and become reality. I would like to thank Angelo Roffo and the Altopiano di Asiago for welcoming again the inline hockey world movement after just two years."

Junior Women Bronze Medal Match - Chinese Taipei vs Italy

Chinese Taipei got the payback after being defeated yesterday by the Finnish girls and won the Bronze Medal in the match against the host team: Chinese Taipei overruled all the match leaving no space for the Italian game. The final score is 2-0 and Chinese Taipei is once again on the podium even though on the lower step.

Junior Women Gold Medal Match - Spain vs Finland

The Gold match followed: in the first period it seemed that the Spaniards had much more to show on the rink. The first goal, scored in power play by Irina Martinez unblocked the match and added self-confidence to the game of Spain: few minutes later also the second goal arrived. The Finns came back and succeded in scoring before the break and they even tied in the second period. At five minutes to the end, Spain got the leads once again and scored the fourth goal one minute before the whistle. Next year they will defend the Gold medal at home during the World Games in Barcelona.

JUNIOR WOMEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Roana. USA - India 16-0
Roana. Colombia - Australia 6-1
Roana. Great Britain - New Zealand 1-0
Roana. BRONZE Chinese Taipei - Italy 2-0
Roana. GOLD Spain - Finland 4-2 

Junior Women Final Ranking 2018
GOLD Spain
SILVER Finland
BRONZE Chinese Taipei
4 Italy
5 Great Britain
6 New Zealand
7 Colombia
8 Australia
10 India

Senior Men Bronze Medal Match -  Canada vs Switzerland

A short break to allow people moving from Roana to Asiago and the senior men Bronze medal match started. Unexpectedly, Switzerland scored after just one minute. A kind of black out for the Canadiennes and immediately the Swiss benefitted from it: in power play, Benjamin Neukom scored the second Swiss goal and a few minutes later Joel Kuttel scored the third. At 13.20 Switzerland won the face-off and Robin Reinmann scored the fourth goal: twenty seconds later great counter-attacks and it's goal again. During all the first period Canada was never in the game. In the second period, David Hammond woke up its team and the first goal for Canada arrived; Matthew Herder doubled three minutes later: it was not enough, however, and at the minute 3.36 to the end, Switzerland scored the goal number 6! Nothing left to do for Canada: the final result is 2-8.

Senior Men Gold Medal Match -  France vs Czech Republic

And finally the last match of this two weeks arrived: France defends the title conquered in Nanjing against Italy, Czech Republic looks forward to coming back on the highest step of the podium. Power play and the Czechs immediately took the advantage thanks to Pavel Strycek on assist by Patrik Sebek. At 12.04 crossbar for the Czechs. Both the teams pushed hard in a fast and though game, demonstrating they totally deserved to play the final. Czech was able to double at 9.02 thanks to Marek Loskot on assist by Petr Kafka. France was not giving up at all and the game became even more hard-fought: at the end of the first period it's 3-0. Nothing to do for the French team that had serious difficoults to break the Czech defence or to surprise the Czech goalie: The goals scored at 11.01 by Hamon Lambert and Langlois Maxime were not enough to overturn the final results. Czech Republic is back on the top of the World!

SENIOR MEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Roana. Brazil - Great Britain 2-3
Asiago. Chinese Taipei - China 14-1
Asiago. Slovakia - Latvia 7-2
Asiago. Argentina - Germany 5-3
Asiago. Japan - Sweden 4-3
Asiago. Italy - Spain 3-5
Asiago. Colombia - USA 0-8
Asiago. BRONZE Canada - Switzerland 2-8 
Asiago. GOLD France - Czech Republic 7-2

Senior Men Final Ranking 2018
GOLD Czech Republic
BRONZE Switzerland
4 Canada
6 Colombia
7 Spain
8 Italy
9 Japan
10 Sweden
11 Argentina
12 Germany
13 Slovakia
14 Latvia
15 Chinese Taipei
16 China
17 Great Britain
18 Brazil
19 Mexico
20 Ireland
21 Australia
22 India

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Live Score & Updated Schedule Senior Men
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Junior Men Podcasts
Senior Women Podcasts
Live Score & Updated Schedule Senior Women
Live Score & Updated Schedule Junior Men 

Pics credits: Roberta Strazzabosco & Max Pattis
Facebook Highlights credits: Wissem Jaubert