An exciting Quarter-Finals day, and even more action set to continue

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It’s Semi-finals day at the World Championships in Roccaraso!

The arena was surrounded by drama inside and out as playoffs began in style, and each team vied for their best possible placement and a place in the final. As the wind and rain inundated the village of Roccaraso outside the arena, we were inundated with drama inside.

Starting with Switzerland beating Latvia to reclaim a spot at the top of the draw. Slovakia had to do the same to Namibia, who have had a great tournament full of ups and downs. Slovakia was too much for them this time, setting up a tasty rivalry later between the bohemian cousins of Central Europe. Wins from Germany over Chinese Taipei, and Argentina over Poland helped those teams push up the rankings in the middle of the tables. Italy beat Columbia in a close fought match, the Azurri setting up a return to the top end of the playoff. Then the Spanish team revealed their true speed and talents, by overcoming France to secure a place in the Semi against a resurgent Canada. The red maple leafs were re-energised as they solidly overcame Switzerlands last run at the peaks of the finals, with only the impenetrable Spanish defence to break through for a place in the final.

But all eyes were on the Bohemian rivalry between the neighbours of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Though late into the night, in this final game of the Quarters, The Czechs played a controlled and professional game, and locked in their spot in the Semi with Italy.

Already today teams from the other half of the finals have completed their effort to claim the newly inaugurated World Skate Cup, which has seen teams such as Argentina beat Latvia, and Namibia beat Germany. Check out the link to Live Score&Results for detailed analysis and information for all matches as progress continues on Semi-finals day in Roccaraso. We are set up for a superb competition, stay tuned for all on WSTV, website etc.

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Words: Pete Wirt
Photos: Marco Guariglia