World Cup final race & World Cup overall ranking 2021

Inline Slalom

Mona Sing and Jörg Bertsch won the World Cup final race. Additionally, Mona Sing received the gold medal for the overall World Cup Ranking. In the men´s category Sven Ortle won the overall ranking.

In Vysoka Pec (Czech Republic) the World Cup final in inline alpine slalom and a World Ranking race in giant slalom took place. Even though COVID-19 is still present almost 90 starters from eight nations participated. On Saturday, the first event was the world ranking race (giant slalom). Mona Sing (Germany) won before the Spanish athlete Aura Coronado Mateu and Elea Börsig (Germany). In the men’s category Jörg Bertsch had the best time followed by Sven Ortel and Patrick Stimpfle (all three male athletes are from Germany). On Sunday the World Cup final took place. Mona Sing performed very well and won the first place, second was Claudia Wittmann, followed by Elea Börsig on place three (all three female athletes are from Germany). Jörg Bertsch was the top-performer of the men´s category followed by Sven Ortel (both Germany) on second place and Sergio Mendez Perez (Spain) on third place.

Since this has been the last World Cup race of the season 2021, the award ceremony of the overall World Cup Ranking took place in Vysoka Pec as well.

Due to many race cancellations, caused by the ongoing pandemic situation, the World Cup Series was shortened from six competition weekends to three weekends in 2021. Hence, the overall World Cup Ranking contained three competitions in sum.

Counting together the World Cup points of the three race events, Mona Sing was the clear winner of the female class of the overall World Cup with 280 points followed by Elea Börsig with 240 points and Claudia Wittmann with 172 Points. Further positions were as follows: Gabriela Möllerova 4th place, Aura Coronado Mateu 5th place, Lenka Kesela 6th place, Sinah Rogel 7th place, Lorenza Cesaris 8th place, Barbora Prochazkova 9th place, Manuela Schmohl 10th place.

In the category of the male athletes Sven Ortle won the gold medal of the overall World Cup with 260 points, followed by Sergio Mendez Perez from Spain with 180 Points. Noah Sing won the bronze medal with 174 Points. Further positions were as follows: David Alaiz Clerigo 4th place, Maximilian Schödlbauer 5th place, Davis Zvejnieks 6th place, Jörg Bertsch 7th place, Jan Möller 8th place, Simon Liptak 9th place, Tomas Prochazka 10th place.