41st World Rink Hockey Championships - Angola 2013

Rink Hockey
Live Streaming Schedule of the World Championships


The mathches will be played simultaneously in two different structures, in Luanda and Namibe, for this reason there are two differents programs.

The program of FIRSTv (http://www.rollersports.org/RollerSports/content/webtv.html) is the one of the matches that will take place in Luanda; those who want to see the matches that will be played simultaneously in Namibe, just have to click on the button below the FIRSTv (usually used to have a different visualization) where it says "to watch matches in Namibe."


Streaming is scheduled following the Italian timezone ROME UTC/GMT +1 hour (local time). We kindly remind you that the competitions will take place in LUANDA (ANGOLA) -1 hour


Schedule of the Luanda Arena 



Schedule of the Namibe Arena


Watch the live streaming on FIRSTv: