6th Junior (U20) Rink Hockey World Championships

Rink Hockey
The schedule of the U20 World Championships


CIRH published the official schedule of the 6th U20 Rink Hockey World Championships - Cartagena, Colombia - with all the games from Saturday 5 to Saturday October 12, when the new World Champion will be proclaimed.


The match Spain VS Macau - Group A - will open the game schedule at 6:00 pm, and the one between Chile and USA - Group C - will close the first day of competitions.


On Sunday the match Argentina VS India - Group D - will open the day. At 7.00 pm will start the inauguration in the presence of the administrative and sport authorities who arrived in Cartagena.


During the week will be played in all 54 matches: group stage till Tuesday, Thursday rest, quarterfinals, semifinals and final from Wednesday to Saturday.


Here the complete program: 6th Rink Hockey World Championships Program



The live streaming of the event will be available on firs Web-Tv (http://www.rollersports.org/RollerSports/content/webtv_flash.html) at this address but will not be supported by Silverlight.