Alcobendas 2014 - Spain and Italy leading the standings

Rink Hockey
The team of Fabien Savreux lost the match against Germany, which gained the first three points of this European Championship and prepared the ground for the fourth place. Everything will be decided in the last day with the matches France-Italy and Germany-Switzerland.

Germany closed the game already in the first part of the match, whit three goals in 8 minutes: after the withering beginning France was unable to come back in the game. In the second time, Germany defended well and deserved the important result.

With 10 points, Spain is now leading the standing together with Italy, ahead of Portugal with 9 points. Tomorrow, in the last day match, the Azzurri will confront with France: till yesterday, the match should have decided the bronze medal but le Bleu, loosing against Germany, are now out of competition, and Italy can dream of the gold.

The match Portugal - Itay was thrilling since the beginning till  the end, with both teams showing strategy, heart and resolution. At 15' Portugal hitten up the first goal: Ambrosio's wrong pass  and Alves' quick counterattack ended with the advantage for the Portugueses. The referee whistled a penalty against Italy but,  Italians were able to score and equalize the result despite of the numerical inferiority, and to hit up the advantage goal before the end of the first time. At 9.42, Portugueses were again in numerical superiority and Rodrigues hitten up and equalized. At 14' Cocco converted the penalty and it was the 3-2.


Spain did not take any risk and against Switzerland played to increase the goals difference.

The hosting team is the only one that tomorrow will decide on its own fate: if they beat Portugal, they will be again European

Champions. In the case of equal rank with Italy, indeed, they have a better goals difference. The match against Switzerland,

till now the only team who had never won any match in this European Championship, ended with a 13-1, but the trend of the game was already clear with the 8-0 at the end of the first game.