WRG2019 - Rink Hockey: Argentina and Portugal win the group stage

Rink Hockey

No surprises in the last day of the group stage. Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Italy easily won their games and confirmed the first and second positions of the two groups of the first phase. Despite the final result, both Colombia and Chile tried to make it harder to Portugal and Spain respectively, but surrendered after a generous struggle. Colombia and Chile will try to surprise again in the quarterfinal against Spain and Italy in the first day of the knock out phase.
Portugal is the team able to win al the game of the group stage. At the same time is the teamy which scored the most (40 goals) and suffered the less (only 3 goals); it's enough to consider the reigning champion the favourite once again. In group A, Italy took the second place while in group B Argentina got the first place and Spain is second after the win of today against Chile.
On Tuesday, the knock out phase begins with Italy-Chile and Spain-Colombia being predicted as most balanced games. The other quarterfinals are Argentina-USA and Portugal-Switzerland.
With the quarterfinals, rollergames.tv also start to broadcast some rink hockey games: Spain-Colombia is scheduled at 7.30 PM and Portugal-Switzerland at 10 PM.
In the 3rd matchday of Intercontinental Cup, Andorra won Mozambique and Great Britain won India. Andorra kept the leadship while England took the second place of the standing.



Results of the 3rd matchday - Monday, July 1

World Championship - Pool A
Colombia - Portugal 1-6
USA - Italy 1-14
Standing: Portugal 9 points, Italy 6, Colombia 3, USA 0.

World Championship - Pool B
Switzerland - Argentina 2-11
Chile - Spain 2-9
Standing: Argentina 7 points, Spain 6, Chile 4, Switzerland 0.

Intercontinental Cup
Mozambique - Andorra 3-5
Great Britain - India 16-0
Standing: Andorra 9, Great Britain 6, Mozambique 3, India 0.


Schedule of the 4th martchday - Tuesday, July 2
Intercontinental Cup
10.30 AM Mozambique - India
12.30 PM Great Britain - Andorra
World Championship Quarterfinals
14.30 PM Argentina - USA
17.00 PM Chile - Italy
19.30 PM Spain - Colombia (live on rollergames.tv)
22.00 PM Switzerland - Portugal (live on rollergames.tv)


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