WRG2019 - Roller Freestyle: Gold goes to Joe Atkinson and Chihiro Azuma

Roller Freestyle

The British Joe Atkinson leaves the World Roller Games this Sunday having risen to the top of the podium to receive the gold medal in the discipline of Roller Freestyle, after confirming the crowd expectations after his performance on Saturday at Palau Sant Jordi. Atkinson, who came with the best score, has overtaken the French Nicolas Servy and Jeremy Melique, who have won the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Atkinson has completed his performance with 92 points, while Servy has added 91.33 points and Melique -second in the WRG Nanjing 2017-, 89.33. The Australian Christopher Wellsmore, second in the semifinals on Saturday, could only get the sixth place, while the Japanese Yuto Goto, who was presented to the WRG2019 as one of the great candidates for gold, has qualified in fifth place.

In women, the Japanese Chihiro Azuma, champion at the World Roller Games of Nanjing 2017, has finished her performance in the first place, confirming the role of favourite that she had in advance. With 83.79 points, he won comfortably over his compatriot Misaki Katayama (79.67), who was second, and Dierren Manon (75), third.

On the other hand, the Spanish champion Mery Muñoz, who on Saturday obtained the best score among the semifinalists and pointed to podium, has had to settle for fifth place. For its part, the Catalan Sara Vilella has been sixth.

Photos: M. Casanova