Speed Skating at the Youth Olympic Games - Buenos Aires 2018


Combined 500mt Sprint, 1.000mt Sprint, 5.000mt elimination on track. Athletes will compete in the three races to determine the combined ranking. Below some key information.

Competitors Numbers

A total of 24 junior athletes will compete in 6 speed events. Age within 15-18 years old
12 female athletes 
12 male athletes 


Qualifications will be as for the combined race during the Roller Speed Skating World Champiosnhips in Heerde (Neetherlands) 1-3 July 2018

Continental quota

A minimum of one athlete per continent will be guaranteed a spot for gender

Host Country quota

1 per gender

Universality quota

1 per gender

Track layout

200 mt banked track


World Skate will appoint both host country judges and international judges

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