It was a rainy day on Nanjing competitions


This day of the FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships 2016 was strongly affected by adverse weather conditions. The Series Circuit Lap Sprint Senior W/M, 20,000 m Elimination Junior W/M and 10,000m Points Senior W/M were held in the morning and they were followed by the Lap of Circuit Sprint Senior W/M Finals in order to avoid problems or delays due to bad weather. While in the afternoon the Finals of 20,000 m Elimination Junior W/M and 10,000 m Points Senior W/M took place as planned.

In the 1 Lap Circuit, four of the six medals have been won by South American countries. The longer races were more hard-fought with a more fair awarding of the medals.

1 Lap Circuit Senior Women

JERCY Puello’s performance confirmed her good shape and her Gold medal has definitely topped her second place during last year’s Championship. YANG Ho Chen, who finished 19th last year, also gave a great performance, as it can be seen by her result.
1 JERCY Puello COL - Colombia
2 SOLYMAR Vivas VEN - Venezuela
3 YANG Ho Chen TPE - Chinese Taipei

1 Lap Circuit Senior Men

Also in the Senior Men's race, the victory went to the athlete who came in second last year, LE Pivert Gwendal. Same goes to the Venezuelan JHOAN Guzman, that came in fifth last year and conquered the Silver medal this year.
1 LE Pivert Gwendal FRA - France
2 JHOAN Guzman VEN - Venezuela
3 ANDRES Muñoz COL - Colombia

20.000 mt Elimination Junior Women

The South American athletes DANIELA Mendoza, MARIA Fernanda Barros (Colombia) and GABRIELA Vargas (Ecuador) dominated the whole race, arriving at the final sprint with HUIYAN Fang (China) and BERBER Vonk (Netherlands) and winning the competition: DANIELA Mendoza conquered the Gold Medal, while MARIA Fernanda Barros came second with a Silver and GABRIELA Vargas with a Bronze.
1 DANIELA Mendoza COL - Colombia
2 MARIA Fernanda Barros COL - Colombia
3 GABRIELA Vargas ECU - Ecuador

20.000mt Elimination Junior Men

Two Colombian and three European athletes arrived at the final lap: the French FERRIE Martin, the Colombians CARLOS Franco and SAUL Herreño, the Italian GIUSEPPE Bramante and CHRIS Huizinga from Netherlands. FERRIE Martin came first winning the Gold medal, followed half wheel behind by CARLOS Franco (Silver) and then by GIUSEPPE Bramante (Bronze).
1 FERRIE Martin FRA - France
2 CARLOS Franco COL - Colombia
3 GIUSEPPE Bramante ITA - Italy

10.000mt Points Senior Women

This race was characterized from start to finish by FRANCESCA Lollobrigida (ITA) and DAN Guo (CHN) racing head to head. The Chinese arrived first at the arrival but the Italian scored more points and won the Gold medal. The third place of the podium was conquered by YANG Ho Chen (Chinese Taipei) who came in fourth last year.
1 FRANCESCA Lollobrigida ITA - Italy
2 DAN Guo CHN - China
3 YANG Ho Chen TPE - Chinese Taipei

10.000mt Points Senior Men

The French FERNANDEZ Ewen, who come in second in last year’s Championship, came in lead the final from start to finish. The Venezuelan JULIO Mirena was the only one who kept up with the French but had to settle for the second place. The podium was completed by the Portuguese DIOGO Marreiros.
1 FERNANDEZ Ewen FRA - France
2 JULIO Mirena VEN - Venezuela
3 DIOGO Marreiros POR - Portugal

 Road Day 3 Schedule (competitions schedule may vary depending from the weather conditions)

15.00 Junior Men and Women 1 Lap Circuit Semifinals
16.00 Junior Men and Women 1 Lap Circuit Final
17.00 Junior Men and Women 5.000 meters Relay Final
Senior Men and Women 5.000 meters Relay Final

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