Nanjing 2016: completed the track tournament.


Colombian team coached by Elias Dal Valle confirmed its hegemony on the track competitions, earning half of the Gold Medals assigned, but the high level of international athletes attending has been proved by the awesome growth of both Asian and European Countries.

1.000 mt Sprint Senior Women
The Italian Francesca Lollobrigida got her first medal of this Worlds, that till now had left her empty-handed, and won the Gold in the Senior Women 1.000 mt sprint. Mareike Thum (GER) won the silver followed by Fabriana Arias (COL).

1.000 mt Sprint Senior Men
The Colombians led the race with a prefect team strategy but, in the last bend, Peter Michael found a better trajectory and passed them with a final sprint: Silver medal for Andres Muñoz and Bronze for Andres Jimenez.

500 mt Sprint Junior Women
With a perfect start, Kerstinck Sarmiento (COL) led the race without any chance for the others to reach her. Geiny Pajaro (COL), came back after a bad start and easily kept the second position. There was bagarre for the Bronze medal between Franchesca Bell (USA) and Giorgia Bormida (ITA), won by the American athlete.

500 mt Sprint Junior Women
Jaime Uribe took advantage of the light contact between his rivals at the start. He run away and easily won the race for which he was the favourite. Lin Ping Hung (TPE) unsuccesfully tried to tear off the Silver medal from Tanner Worley (USA).

3.000 mt Relays Junior Women
Colombia easily ruled the competition and won the Gold Medals follewed by the Korean team. In the fight for the third place Chinese Taipei got the better of France, but has been disqualified because of a technical fault.

3.000 mt Relays Junior Men
Italy took the lead in the first half of the race, but lost its rythm in the second half and had to be happy with the third place. The team strategy awarded France who got the Gold medal over Colombia in the last final sprint.

3.000 mt Relays Senior Women
Amazing strategy also for the Italian team that in the last two laps was able to come back from the third to first position; Silver medal for Colombia and Bronze for Korea.

3.000 mt Relays Senior Men
The last Gold medal of the track tournament has been assigned to Colombia, followed France and Argentina.

Tomorrow the focus will move to the road competitions in the new downtown Nanjing.

Road Day 1 Schedule
15.00 Junior Men and Women 10.000 meters Points Final
Senior Men and Women 20.000 meters Elimination Final
17:30 Junior Men and Women 100 meters Sprint Final
Senior Men and Women 100 meters Sprint Final

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