Inline Speed Skating Worlds: Colombia rules on the road; Gold also for Italy, Belgium and Ecuador


10.000 points Junior Women
It has been a strategic race in which the athletes moved back and forward in the pack to gain points and preserve the stamina. The Colombians lead the first part of the competitions, then moved back to the middle of the "peloton". Dupuy from France took advantage of the situation and gained points that put her at the top of the rank. At 7 laps to go, the Colombians got back to the lead of the pack and easily got points after points. In the run for the bronze it was all about Stoddard (USA) and Dupuy that, by winning the final rush, got the third position.

Gold - Maria Renteria Rodriguez - COLOMBIA
Silver -Valentina Moreno Pinzon- COLOMBIA
Bronze - Marie Dupuy - FRANCE

In the 10.000 points Junior Men the strategy was an easy one: try to get the more points you can. The Ecuadorian David Moscoso Sarmiento had 18 points at nine laps to go, followed by Adrion Workman - USA at 15. Said Vidal, Chile, had only 6 points and was defending the bronze against Ewen Foussadier, France and Jordi Van Workum, who was wishing to win another medal for the Hosting country. The Orange came back and, warmly supported by the crowd, got the Bronze.

Gold - David Moscoso Sarmiento - ECUADOR
Silver - Adrion Workman - USA
Bronze - Jordi Van Workum - NETHERLANDS

20.000mt Elimination Senior Women
This is that a kind of race in which the team strategy is really important: you have to cooperate with your team mate to preserve the position in the "peloton". In the start there was quite nervosism in the pack. South Korean Lee Seul started in an attack surprising the other athletes as it was at the very beginning of the race. Soon Francesca Lollobrigida, supported by her sister and team mate Giulia, started to lead the pack, followed by the two Colombians, Viveros and Arias, in a long lasting duel. Francesca Lollobrigida was looking for thee Gold medal that, till now, didn't arrive in these worlds. Mareika Thum, from Germany, and Sandrine Tas - Belgium, tried to find their place in this battle. The six athletes interchanged in the leading whilst there were many fights in the middle of the peloton. Dan Guo, the Chinese champion, got eliminated at 38 laps to go. A crash soon after the following elimination involved Hyosook Woo - South Korea and she had to leave the circuit. The Lollobrigida sisters took the lead of the peloton lighting a fire under the group. Mannon Kamminga, the Orange Champion back to activity after a sabbatical, got eliminated: she seemed to be in a good shape but it was to early to be competitive in this kind of competition. At 12 laps to go Giulia Lollobrigida has been eliminated: she was supporting hard her sister and for Francesca the race became more complicated since then. On next elimination, Sandrine Tas left the circuit. Three laps to go and Francesca started an attack followed by the two girls from Colombia. At two laps to go, Francesca is between the two colombians. Fabriana Arias started the sprint but Francesca did not give up and in the last rush got the gold. "I really wanted to win and, together with my sister, we worked very well. This Medal goes to my mother who is in the hospital"

Gold - Francesca Lollobrigida - ITALY
Silver - Johana Viveros - COLOMBIA
Bronze - Fabriana Arias - COLOMBIA

20.000 elimination Senior Men
Since the beginning Colombia, Italy, Usa, France, Spain, Portugal really fought hard in a nervous race. Giuseppe Bramante - Italy was always protecting the back of his team mate Daniel Niero, whilst the Colombians had to take care of the two guys from Netherlands leading the pack. Bart Swings was in the middle of the two teams. Bramante tried to avoid the elimination with a rush and fighting hard, but he was eliminated by fault. Daniel Niero was left alone leading the group with the Orange guys, the two Colombians and Bart Swings. Crispijin Arien - Netherlands and his team mate Gry Hekman were in the lead poushing hard to keep the position. The speed increased at 6 laps to go with six skaters close each other: the two Colombians, Daniel Niero, Bart Swings, the defending champion Nolan Beddiaf from France and David Morell - Spain. In the last lap Swings, Nolan and Niero start a breathtaking final rush.

Gold - Bart Swings - BELGIUM
Silver - Daniel Niero - ITALY
Bronze - Nolan Beddiaf - FRANCE

One lap Junior Ladies
On the starting line: Anais Pedroni -Italy, Valeria Rodriguez Lopez - Colombia, Yue Chi Peng - Chinese Taipei and Mathilde Pedronno.
Bad start for the Colombian but she gained the Gold Medal without any esitation. Anais Pedroni had a very good start that allowed her to get the Silver Medal; Bronze for Mathilde Pedronno.

Gold - Valeria Rodriguez Lopez - COLOMBIA
Silver - Anais Pedroni - ITALIA
Bronze - Mathilde Pedronno - FRANCE

One Lap Junior Men
Alejandro Huertas Vergara - Colombia, Baptiste Allain - France, Vincenzo Maiorca - Italy and Sabien Tinson - USA on the starting line. Vergara leaded the race and Tinson really struggled to come back but, due to a bad start, he had to be happy with the silver; bronze for the Italian Vincenzo Maiorca.

Gold - Alejandro Huerta Vergara - COLOMBIA
Silver - Sabien Tinson - USA
Bronze - Vincenzo Maiorca - ITALY

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Live streaming Schedule
July 7

19.00 – 19.15 100m sprint JW/JM Semifinal
19.15 – 19.30 100m sprint SW/SM Semifinal
20.30 – 20.40 100m sprint JW/JM Final
20.40 – 20.50 100m sprint SW/SM Final
20.50 – 21.20 Awards Ceremony

Pics Credits: Luis Ramirez