Ioseba Fernandez is the Faster Skater in the World once again


In the semi-final of the Sprint 100mts in Arnhem against Simon Albrecht -Germany, Ioseba Fernandez - Spain, won the chance to run for the Gold medal and in the meantime established the World Record at 9.684.

Fernandez is also the record man for the 200mts on road thanks to his perfect time of 15.879 in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy on September 12, 2012.
Only Joey Mantia - USA, did better than him with three World records on the road in the distances of 500mt and 10.000mt in 2006 and 20.000mt in 2009.

Ioseba Fernandez, receiving the confirmation of establishing a new record: "A great skater (Gregorio Duggento) told me once that records are not essential as any record will be beaten, whilst no one could take the world titles you conquered away from you. I don't skate to establish world records, I skate to win. And I know that 9.68 is a very fast time but I know also that's not enough and in one year we will see a faster time: I'm going to be faster, for sure!"

We asked Fernandez to send a message to the skaters involved in the YOG in less than one month: "I would like to remind them that they have to represent our sport, showing fair play and respect for the rivals, doing their best and being true sportingly examples for the Youth. Take this so exclusive opportunity! Live it! And get even more motivation for your athletic career!"

In the pic, Fernandez crossing the finish line before Edwin Estrada - Colombia, and winning the Gold Medal in the Sprint 100mt in Arnhem - Netherlands.

Click here to watch the video of the World Record