Buenos Aires is welcoming the third edition of the YOG - First Olympic stage for Inline Speed Skating


Here we are: the so long wait for the inline skating to be at an Olympic stage finally finished for the 28 athletes - 14 women and 14 men - competing here in Buenos Aires on the track in Paseo de la Costa, close to the river. The new built track will be inaugurated on the 7th and will be the first track in the world with the parabolic transversal profile recently introduced.

World Skate President Sabatino Aracu said: "This is a great opportunity and here in Buenos Aires we have to work for the future: Here we are pushing hard to confirm the inline speed skating at the Olympic level; Here we are demonstrating we deserve to be in the Olympics."

The positive feelings after the 2014 edition in Nanjing, when World Skate was active part in the SportsLab concept with speed skating and skateboarding, have been confirmed here in Buenos Aires as we will have four disciplines involved: Inline Speed Skating, Roller Freestyle, Skateboarding and Rink Hockey.

Skateboarding and Inline Speed Skating sport initiations will be in the Urban Park every day whilst Roller Freestyle will take the stage on the 14th.

There will be the sport initiation also for the Rink Hockey, as a discipline with a strong and old tradition in Argentina, on the 7th and 8th in the same cluster of Inline Speed Skating and BMX in the Paseo del Costa de Vicente Lopez since 10am to 5pm.

10.00 Women 1.000mt Sprint Semifinals
10.30 Men 1.000mt Sprint Semifinals
14.00 Women 1.000mt Sprint Finals
14.20 Men 1.000mt Sprint Finals
16.00 Women 5.000mt Elimination
16.30 Men 5.000mt Elimination

11.00 Women 500mt+D Sprint Quarterfinals
11.30 Men 500mt+D Sprint Quarterfinals
16.00 Women 500mt+D Sprint Semifinals
16.20 Men 500mt+D Sprint Semifinals
16.45 Women 500mt+D Sprint Finals
17.00 Men 500mt+D Sprint Finals

All the competition will be live on Olympic Channel and on World Skate Webtv

The Inline Speed Skating competition at the Summer Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 will comprise two events: Men's Combined and Women's Combined whith 14 athletes in each events competing on three distances - 500mt+D Sprint, 1.000mt sprint and 5.000mt Elimination.

500mt+D Sprint
Three rounds: Quarterfinals (two heats with three skaters and two heats with four skaters) - Semifinals (two heats with four skaters) - Final (four skaters) The first two skaters drom each heat progress to the next round.

1.000mt Sprint
Two rounds: Semifinals (two heats with seven skaters) and Final (six skaters). The first place from each heat and the six best times qualify for the Final.

5.000mt Elimination: All the skaters start the race. At each of seven single elimination points (21, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1 laps to go) the last skater is eliminated. The remaining skaters will compete in the final sprint.

The event results are based on points: 14 points go to the winner of each distance, 13 points to the second place and 12 points to the third place. The remaining places are awarded from 11 points down to 1 point. Points in 500mt+D Sprint and 1.000mt Sprint distances are assigned based on times in the last completed round.
The final ranking of skaters is based on the total number of points earned in the three phases (higher points=higher ranking).

Gabriela Rueda Rueda COLOMBIA
Honorine Barrault FRANCE
Giorgia Valanzano ITALY
Nerea Langa ESPANA
Ashly Marin Torres CHILE
Angelina Otto GERMANY
Marit Van Beijnum NETHERLANDS
Andrea Lokvencova CZECH REPUBLIC
Maria Arias Armijos ECUADOR
Fernanda Illanes Cabrera ARGENTINA
Carolina Ferreira PORTUGAL
Ptjira Srisathitha THAILAND
Giselle Stodgale AUSTRALIA

Jhonny Angulo COLOMBIA
Ewen Foussadier FRANCE
Merijn Scheperkamp NETHERLANDS
Vincenzo Maiorca ITALY
Nahuel Schelling Quevedo ARGENTINA
Jonjing Cheon KOREA
Ivan Galar ESPANA
Thao Chen CHINA
Ignacio Mardones Vidal CHILE
David Sarmiento Moscoso ECUADOR
Jason Suttel BELGIUM
Gustavo Rodriguez Rodriguez VENEZUELA
Alexander Mynt AUSTRALIA

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