Europe's coming back on the top of the podium


Colombia still managed to win the majority of the competitions but Spain and France have proved their worth.

Finally, the 100mt drag races of the Junior category have their winners as the race have been postponed due to rain last night. Exceptional performance by all the skaters. Colombia dominate but today we saw the team of El Salvador winning two incredible medal!

The Senior saw two legends flying on their skates. Ioseba Fernadez wins his 5th World Title and Geiny Pajaro her 9th. Being, maibe, Ioseba's last World Championships, it was a very emotional moment for both audience and skaters. Maria Jose Moya will bring home to her kid an amazing silver medal.

In the long distance races we were lucky today, and the rain let us race smoothly. The Junior Ladies competed in the points races and the two Colombian girls Maria Camila Carmona and Mariana Chaparro were unbeatable. Elena Rossetto from Italy showed an incredible resilience and took home the bronze medal.

The Junior Men race was a real fast one. Colombia easily won the majority of the points with Juan Jacobo Mantilla. Marco Lira showed that yesterday’s medal was not odd as he conquered another one, this time silver! From Ecuador Nicolas Garcia won bronze. He held up the name of his country, as they stand in the 4th position in the medal table.

The Senior categories raced in the 15k elimination. The race of the ladies was characterized by a lot of bad falls. Thanks to with an awesome last lap, Luz Karime Garzon  has been coronated World Champion for the second time this year. In the men race, France skated a very smart race where Martin Ferrie and Nolan Beddiaf did an amazing teamwork together to allow Martin to be coronated World Champion.

Tomorrow it will be the tast day on the road circuit with all the 1 LAP races and the 10k points Senior men.

100mt Junior Ladies

Gold Valeria Quiroga Figueroa 11.024 - COL
Silver Ilaria Carrer 11.119 - ITA
Bronze Sarai Ivonne Gallardo Nochez 11.123 - ESA

100mt Junior Men

Gold Edwar Holguin Tascon 10.165 - COL
Silver Steven Marvin Gomez Rodriguez 10.257 - ESA
Bronze Elimelec Viloria Ospino 10.407 - COL

100mt Senior Ladies

Gold Geiny Pajaro 10.641 - COL
Silver Maria Jose Moya 10.835 - CHI
Bronze Valeria Rodriguez Lopez 10.940 - COL

100mt Senior Men

Gold  Ioseba Fernandez 9.889 - SPA
Silver Steven Villegas 10.015 - COL
Bronze Jorge Luis Martinez 10.285 - MEX

10K Points JuniorLadies

Gold Maria Camila Carmona 15pt - COL
Silver Mariana Chaparro 13pt - COL
Bronze Elena Rossetto 9pt - ITA

10K Points Junior Men

Gold Juan Jacobo Mantilla 28pt - COL
Silver Marco Lira 10pt - POR
Bronze Nicolas Garcia 9pt - ECU

15K Emination Senior Ladies

Gold Luz Karime Garzon - COL
Silver Gabriela Isabel Rueda - COL
Bronze Andrea Traslavina - CHI

15K Emination Senior Men

Gold Ferrie Martin - FRA
Silver Nolan Beddiaf - FRA
Bronze Manuel Saavedra - COL

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