Marathons closed the 2021 Inline Speed Skating World Championships


With one of the hardest and interesting marathon circuit ever skated, the 2021 Speed World Championships are officially ended. The circuit was a bit longer than 7km with one uphill straight, one downhill straight and tight turns. The ladies started with rain and wet asphalt. A very difficult condition where Luz Karime Garzon, with an incredible effort, managed to go on a solo breakaway and finish first. Group sprint with Gabriela Rueda and Marine Lefeuvre in front of everyone, winning silver and bronze respectively.

The men marathon was raced on a dry asphalt. Also in this case there was a breakaway who defined the medals. Martin Ferrie gave it all and won the final sprint in front of Andres Felipe Gomez, his breakaway companion. Chinese Taipei with Yan-Cheng Chen was the winner of the pack sprint.

See you in Argentina for the 2022 World Skate Games!

42km Ladies
Gold Luz Karime Garzon - COL
Silver Gabriela Rueda - COL
Bronze Marine Lefeuvre - FRA

42km Men
Gold Martin Ferrie - FRA
Silver Andres Felipe Gomez – COL
Bronze Yan-Cheng Chen - TPE

Ibague 2021 Final Medal Table

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