WRG 2019 - SPEED - Bart Swings show


After a silver and a bronze medal of yesterday’s races, Mr. Swings, left nothing to no one today. In less than one hour he became World Champion in the 10000mt points / elimination and in the 1000mt. The Olympic medalist in Ice Speed Skating is a real top-notch athlete with 15 World Titles in his career!

The first gold was grabbed in the points / elimination race. It was a very hard race where all the skaters pushed themself to the limit. There were some breakaways, but the Belgian skater was always there. Alex Cujavante, Colombia, and Daniel Niero, Italy, completed the podium. The second gold was in the 1000mt, a fast pace where no one could keep up with him. The Italian Duccio Marsili got silver and Colombian Andres Jimenez bronze.

The Colombian Team, could win “only” one gold medal today thanks to Jhoana Viveros. With the help of her teammate, Laura Gomez who unlucky suffered a crush, she could gain enough points to win over Francesca Lollobrigida, Italy, and Hsuan-Yi Liu, Chinese Taipei.
The 1k was for Mareike Thum, who repeated last year’s title. A specialist of this distance, never scared to take the lead and pull to the end. Second place for Luz Karime Garzon, Colombia, and third place for Chinese Taipei with Hsuan-Yi Liu.

In the Junior category, Spain was the main actor of the 500mt+D race. In the ladies Nerea Langa won her second gold medal of the Championship, followed by Valeria Rodriguez, Colombia, and Maria Loreto Armijos Arias from Ecuador. In the boys, the race was a real battle between Spain and Colombia. In the end, Colombian Enrique Carballo got disqualified and Nil Llop won the gold medal. Second place for Chinese Taipei Li-Yang Kuo and third place for Timo Lehnertz, Germany.

In the 10000 elimination, Corinne Stoddard from USA surprises everyone and goes on to win the gold medal. An impressive performance for her, anticipating everyone and crossing the line first. Silver for Colombia Quiroz Alfonso Maria Jose and bronze for Italy, Giorgia Valanzano.
Jason Suttles won his second gold followed by Ramirez Hurtado Raul Enrique, Colombia and Gabriele Cannoni, Italy.

Tomorrow we will start with the road races. More opportunities to become World Champion are coming!

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Photo Credit: Erika Zanetti