Trofeo Internazionale Roma 2023

Rome, Italy

The clubs “ASD Pian Due Torri Skating” and “ASD Pattinaggioroma” in collaboration with “FISR
Lazio” will organize the 11th Edition of the Rome International Trophy of Artistic Roller Skating
open to clubs and to the disciplines of individual free, figures, pairs, dance, solo dance, inline and

At the same time will be held also following events:

Pian Due Torri Cup: a promotional competition for non-official categories

The competition will take place from 6 to 8 April 2023 on different tracks in Rome:

the sporting palace “PalaTorrino”, in Via Fiume Giallo 47 (wood panel, 21x42)

the sporting center “Tellene”, via Claudio Villa snc (parquet, 22x36)

the sporting palace “Pala Fonte” in via Roberto Ferruzzi 112 (two rinks in parquet: upper arena 18x38
and lower arena 20x40)

the sporting center “G. Fiorini”, via tito 40 (parquet, 20x40)

Subscription fee

Individual Free, Solo Dance (roll art categories): 30€ for each discipline (one training included 20
minutes each group)

Individual Free, Solo Dance (others categories): 20€ for each discipline

Figures: 15

Inline: 25€

Pairs-Dance (roll art categories): 50€ each couple (one training included 20 minutes)

Pairs-Dance (others categories): 30 each couple

Quartet: 60€ (one training included 7 minutes each quartet)

Small group/Junior Group: 80€ (one training included 8 minutes each group)

Large group: 120€ (one training included 9 minutes each group)


The application must be completed on the enclosed herewith application form, properly and
accurately and then sent to the e-mail address: skateroma@yaho>o.com
The application deadline is on 2023 February 24th. Any cancellation by March 17th will result in the
loss of the total amount.

Payment account

IT29D02 0080 5226 0004 0049 4259

to: onlus polisportiva pian due torri

cause of payment: Rome 2023 trophy name of club

Please send a copy of payment to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training and Competitions

The competitions and training sessions will be open to the public compatibly with the regulations
provided for at the time of the event. The organization reserves the right, regardless of the regulations
in force, to limit the number of people who will be able to access the competition facilities. In any
case, the presence within the competition venues of the athletes, coaches, managers, judges and
personnel of the event actually engaged in the competitions or training sessions in progress will be

Streaming, Photos and Videos
The competitions will be streamed. All athletes who want to participate agree to be filmed and
streamed on the official channels of the organization. Inside the event there will be a photographer
and official video footage. The organization reserves the right to use this material for promotional
purposes, by inserting the images of the event on the website dedicated to the trophy and on the
channels reserved for the organization.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday 6 April. All clubs are invited to participate with
the club uniform and possibly, for those who have it, with the club banner or flag. Two athletes per
club, a coach and a manager will be admitted.


The organization has entered into an agreement with the All Time Relais & Sport Hotel. The property
is less than 5 minutes by car from the Palatorrino; 10 minutes by car from Tellene, Palafonte and G.
Fiorini. At the time of booking you must communicate your participation in the Skating Trophy

Field Test

It will be available extra time for track testing on payment.

The time schedule of the field tests will be announced with the final program of the Trophy.

Payment for track testing:

- for freeskating, figures, solo dance and inline categories is 8€ each athlete for 20 minutes

- for couple dance and pairs is 12€ each pair for 20 minutes

- for quartets is 20€ each quartet for 20 minutes (max 2 quartets together)

- for groups is 30€ each athlete for 20 minutes (only one group)

Special track testing will be reserved for dance, pairs, groups and inline.

The payment of field test should be done through bank transfert.

The payment have to be done before march 17th.

Payment account

IT29D02 0080 5226 0004 0049 4259

to: onlus polisportiva pian due torri

description of payment: Rome 2023 field test

Please send a copy of payment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.