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Record edition for the 38th Memorial Sedmak Bressan


Opicina (Italy) will host the 38th edition od the memorial on May since 22nd to 26th. The artistic skating international kermesse will see more than 300 athletes from 18 countries and 4 continents divided into the categories from Tods to Espoires for the Memorial Davide Bressan and from Cadets to Seniors for the Trophy Pavel Sedmak.

Top athletes will skate in the rink of the Pikelc arena such as Luca Lucaroni (ITA) and Rebecca Tarlazzi (ITA), Silvia Lambruschi (ITA), Letizia Ghiroldi (ITA), Annabella Mendoz (ARG) and Metka Kuk (ITA).

The Memorial Sedmak Bressan will be live streamed on World Skate Tv (www.worldskate.tv) starting from Thursday 23rd morning

COMPETITION SCHEDULE (when LIVE, follow it on www.worldskate.tv)

WEDNESDAY - 22.05.19
07.00 Figures Competition Cadet and Youth
10.00 Figures Competition Junior and Senior
14.30 Figures Competition Open
15.15 Figures Competition Minis A/B and Espoire A/B
17.30 Medal Presentation for Figures
18.00 Free: Long Program Open
20.15 Medal Presentation for Open

THURSDAY - 23.05.19
11.00 Free: Short Program Cadet Boys and Girls - LIVE
13.30 Free: Short Program Youth Man and Ladies - LIVE
15.00 Free: Long Program Minis - LIVE
18.00 Free: Long Program Espoire - LIVE
21.30 Medal Presentation for Minis and Espoire - LIVE

FRIDAY - 24.05.19
10.15 Free: Long Program Cadet Boys and Girls - LIVE
13.15 Free: Long Program Youth Man and Ladies - LIVE
15.15 Inline: Short Program Junior and Senior - LIVE
16.00 Medal Presentation for Cadet and Youth - LIVE
16.15 Dance: Free Program Cadet and Youth - LIVE
17.15 Pairs: Long Program Cadet and Youth - LIVE
18.15 Free: Short Program Junior Man - LIVE
19.00 Medal Presentation for Dance and Pairs Cadet and Youth - LIVE

SATURDAY - 25.05.19
11.20 Free: Short Program Junior Ladies - LIVE
13.20 Free Short Program Senior Man - LIVE
15.00 Free: Short Program Senior Ladies - LIVE
17.30 Inline: Long Program Junior and Senior - LIVE
18.30 Free: Long Program Junior Man - LIVE
19.30 Welcome Ceremony and Medal Presentation for Inline and Junior Man 20.00 Dance: Style Dance Junior and Senior - LIVE
21.30 Pairs: Short Program Junior and Senior - LIVE

SUNDAY - 26.05.19
10.00 Free: Long Program Tots - LIVE
11.15 Dance Free Program Junior - LIVE
12.00 Medal Presentation for Tots and Junior Dance - LIVE
12.15 Free: Long Program Junior Ladies - LIVE
14.45 Free: Long Program Senior Man - LIVE
16.45 Free: Long Program Senior Ladies - LIVE
20.15 Dance Free Program Senior - LIVE
21.15 Pairs: Long Program Junior and Senior - LIVE
22.00 Medal Presentation for Junior and Senior Free, Dance and Pairs - LIVE