Artistic World Cup to be on stage on 2020


World Skate is proud to introduce the Artistic World Cup, a new format which will be on stage starting with the new year: the 2020 edition is scheduled on three phases, 2 semifinals and the finals. The skaters with highest Technical Scores will go to the Final. All the disciplines and categories are involved (Tots to Senior for Semifinal). World Cup Senior Champions in the various disciplines will have a Prize Money; Show and Precision just in the FINAL.

Portugal, Italy and Germany are the countries hosting the first edition:
First week of May - 1st Semifinal Portugal CUP - SINES (POR)
Third week of May - 2nd Semifinal Sedmak CUP - TRIESTE (ITA)
First week of June - FINAL German Cup - BREMERHAVEN (GER)

The main purpose of this new format is to create an international circuit where skaters, coaches and judges can meet and improve their skills event after event.

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