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Artistic webinars: let's welcome the speakers


On Monday 26th, the 2020 World Skate Artistic Webinars will officially start and we are glad to introduce the main topics of the courses and the speakers who will lead the classes. You can register HERE

The Artistic Webinars will be intended for

  • Technical Specialists of Free Skating, Dance, Pairs, Inline and Precision. Classes for Technical Specialists will present and focus on the new rules and clarifications for the 2021 competitions. Discussion will be on the most important and particular parts of each discipline. Various classes will be offered for the 2021 Rules as well as classes on the Technical Calls for each discipline.

  • Judges of Free Skating, Dance, Pairs, Precision, Show and Quartet. Classes for Judges will have in depth discussion on the QOEs of each discipline. Included in this discussion will be the QOEs that are mandatory versus the ones that may vary. There will also be a class offered specifically focusing on Components.

  • Coaches of Free Skating, Dance, Pairs, Inline, Precision, Show and Quartet. Classes for Coaches will provide focus and discussion on each discipline starting with Level 1 and going up to Level 3. These classes will allow coaches to focus training technique and knowledge. Coaches are also encouraged to attend classes on Technical Rules as well as classes for Technical Specialists. This will allow for an inside look as to what the Technical Panel is looking for. The Components class is also recommended.
  • Data Operators. Classes for Data Operators and Event Management will offer an in-depth focus on duties and protocol for this position and practice with discussion.

Speakers - alphabetical order

Headshot Acena Bruno Aceña Fernández (Spain)
Bruno Aceña Fernández has been linked to Artistic Roller Skating since he was four as a Free, Figures, Pairs and Dance skater. He is a Journalist and got a Doctorate at the University of San Jorge in Zaragoza, where he has worked for 15 years as a Lecturer. He currently works as a News Presenter at Argón Radio. He carried out studies of solfege, piano and cello. Bruno became a judge at the age of 16 and he is currently a Free and Dance World Skate Technical Specialist and Free, Dance and Pairs World Skate Judge. He worked in three World Championships: in Novara (2016) and La Vendée (2018) as Inline Technical Specialist and at the World Roller Games in Barcelona (2019) covering some roles within both Technical and Judges Panels of all disciplines. He is linked to the Inline modality because he practiced Ice Figure Skating and eventually became an ice judge. The combination of his knowledge of both sports allowed him to work as a judge in specific Inline competitions.


Headshot Chapouto Hugo Chapouto (Portugal)
Hugo Chapouto is Master in Architecture, Practitioner in NLP, Practitioner in Coaching and Trainer of Trainer (ToT). Hugo has been an International Skater from 1998 to 2011, winning several medals in the European and World Championships in Solo, Couples and Show (World Champion Senior Solo 2009 & 2010). His coaching career started in 2001 and he achieved the international level in 2007, leading many skaters from Mini to Senior in Solo, Couples, Show and Precision to the European and World Championships- conquering 7 World Titles and more than 50 European Titles.


Headshot Gaudy Marie Gaudy (USA)
Marie Gaudy is a USARS Elite Coach from the USA and has been a Certified Coach for 47 years. She has coached skaters at the World Championships since 1980. In the recent years, Marie has been working with World Skate to update and modify the dance skating rules to enable the transition into the RollArt scoring system. From 2018 to 2020, she has been a Speaker at the World Skate Seminars, including the actual role as Speaker of the World Skate Academy for the Dance classes.


Fototessere 35 x 40 mm (1,38 x 1,57 pollici), Italia Nicola Genchi (Italy)
Nicola Genchi graduated in Computer Sciences in 1995 and has been working as software developer, analyst and project manager for various companies (i.e. European Space Agency, IBM, Italian National Post Office) from 1997 to 2015. He speaks Italian, English and Spanish. He has been a skater of FISR (Italian Federation of Roller Sports) from 1980 to 1989 in Figures, Free and Pairs specialties. He has been an Artistic Skating Italian National judge since 1989 and became an International judge eleven years later. He has been a member of the Artistic Technical Commission of FIRS/World Skate since 2005, in which he eventually took up the position of Chairman in 2017. He is also the Project Manager of the new judging system of the Artistic Skating competitions, which has been made official since 2009.


Headshot Hossfeld Constance Hossfeld-Seedorf (Germany)
Constance Hossfeld-Seedorf dealt with roller skating since she was born and her mom, four-time World Champion, started training her at the age of 3. Constance made her sport not only her job, but her constant inspiration. She actually works as a full-time trainer in her club in Bremerhaven. At the same time, she works with the athletes of the national team- along Mr. Luca Lallai- and as a choreographer in Germany and abroad. Constance has participated in more than 20 European and World Championships in the Compulsory Figures and Freestyle specialties and she also won 20 medals. Even while she was still an athlete, Constance started to coach little children in her club.


Headshot Lago Mario Lago (Portugal)
Mario Lago got a Degree in Communication Sciences at Fernando Pessoa University in Porto. He has been a European International Skater in Dance Couple and Free Skating from 1984 to 1988 and Portuguese National Champion in the above mentioned disciplines from 1980 to 1987. He has 34 years of experience as a coach of Free, Figures, Dance and Solo Dance specialties. He has also been International Judge since 2003, taking part in three World Championships and six European Championships. Mario is a Level 2 World Skate Academy Coach for the Dance discipline. He has worked as National Portuguese coach since 2005 and he’s specialized in Dance Portoguese Teams from 2010. He is also a technique/skating skills Developer/Consultant in many sports institutions in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.


Headshot Seona Martin  Seona Martin (Australia)
Seona Martin is a World Skate International Judge and Technical Specialist of Free Skating and Pairs specialties. She has been involved in the Artistic Roller Skating for over 30 years as a skater, coach & official. After getting university degrees in Human Science and Education, she currently works in educational leadership. She has been an Australian representative skater competing and medalling in multiple continental championships, culminating in a top-5 placing at a World Championship. She as well coached numerous Australian and continental championship medallists. Seona also covered significant roles within the skating administration in the Australian Federation, including the Coordinator of Officials Education. Apart from coaching, she has over 20 years judging experience. She took part in RollArt panels at National and International level: in 2018, she was involved in the German Cup, Oceania Championships, World Championship (RollArt shadow panel); in 2019, she took part at the America’s Cup, Oceania Championships and World Roller Games. She participated as an attendee at the World Skate International Seminars from 2018 to 2020. In addition, she began a collaboration with the World Skate Artistic Technical Commission on the educational material for the International Seminars held in 2019-2020. Seona now joins the World Skate Academy in 2021.


Headshot Molins Oscar Molins (Spain)
Oscar Molins graduated in radiology and radiotherapy. He has been a skater for the Spanish Team from 1998 to 2009 and he won the national championship title eight times. From 2009 on, he got the license as National Coach and, during his career, he gained 24 gold medals in the National Championships and 2 gold plus 3 bronze medals in the World Championships. He has also been a Technical Advisor and Choreographer of the Spanish Federation since 2013. His collaboration with World Skate started in 2018 and he has been a Speaker at the World Skate International Seminars in 2019 and 2020. He speaks Italian and English at a medium level.


Headshot Montecchiari 2 Gabriela Montecchiari (Argentina)
Gabriela Montecchiari has been skating most of her life and has been a member of the Argentinian Figures team for four years. She reached her higher achievement when she ranked at the 5th place in the Panamerican Games in 1995. In 1999, she obtained the certificate as a National Trainer at International Level by the Argentinian Skate Confederation. She is currently a Precision World Skate Coach Level 2. She has been a Speaker at the World Skate Seminars held in Orlando (2019) and Lisbon (2020) and worked as a Precision Teacher at the Universidad de Flores Associate's Degree in Skating Sports in Argentina. In 2009, after many years of individual coaching, she started to coach the Precision teams and this challenge appeared to be one of her best decisions in life as a coach. In 2010, the team called “Roller Dreams” made its first national appearance and eventually debuted at the World Championship one year later. The team has participated in 9 consecutive World Championships, obtaining a gold medal, five silver and three 4th places.


Headshot Munafó Luciana Florencia Munafó (Argentina)
Luciana Florencia Munafó started skating at the age of four. For ten years, she has been participating in competitions of Free Skating and Figures disciplines, achieving the title of National Champion in Figures. At the age of 18, after starting her studies of Biochemistry at the university, she decided to stop competing and attend the Artistic Skating Judges course, which contributed to kick off her career as a judge at 19 years old. At the time of her graduation in 2017, she became a World Skate Judge. In the following years, she also got two certifications as Precision and Dance Technical Specialist. Her first World Championship was the World Roller Games Barcelona (2019), where she participated as a Judge in all disciplines and as part of the Precision Technical Panel. She is currently part of the Judge Training Team in Argentina and also a Lecturer at the National Judges Course.


Headshot Obermeier Elmar Obermeier (Germany)
Elmar Obermeier got a Degree in Computer Sciences and has been an Artistic Precision Skater Coach for over 20 years. As a coach, he won one gold and two silver medals at the National Championships. He has been an International Synchronized Skating team member on ice from 2003 to 2005 and he is a Technical Specialist on ice for the Single/Synchronized skating specialties. Furthermore, he works as choreographer for the Chinese Synchronized Skating Teams. His collaboration with World Skate started in 2018. From then on, he has been a Speaker at the World Skate Seminars and fills the role of International Technical Specialist of Artistic Precision. Elmar speaks German, English and Italian.


Headshot Pelli Cristina Pelli (Italy)
Cristina Pelli is a coach of Pair and Figure Skating for FISR. She graduated in Sports Sciences and she is a teacher at the Italian Coaching School (SIRI) for the Pairs Skating specialty. From 2005 on, she has obtained the title of Well-Emeritus Coach. As a coach of Figure Pairs Skating, she has won several European titles from 1984 to nowadays. She has also won many World Championship medals from 1992 to the recent days. Iolanda took part at five World Games and, apart from Pairs Skating, she as well won some European and World medals in Single specialty.


Headshot Perez Luis Emilio Pérez (Argentina)
Luis Emilio Pérez graduated in Public Relations at the National University of Lomas de Zamora in 2003. He got the certificate as Entrenador Benemérito de Patinaje Artístico by the Argentinian Skating Confederation in 2017 and the Certification as Coach IACS/World Skate Academy in 2020. In 2018, he started to teach at the first University of Coaching Degree in Roller Sports (Artistic – Universidad de Flores, Buenos Aires). After dedicating several years into teaching Public Relations & Communications at the UNLZ of Buenos Aires and 6 years of experience as an elite athlete, he started his career as Artistic Roller Skating coach, specializing in Dance (Couples and Solo) and Show Groups disciplines and collaborating with many countries around the world. He learned from and has been inspired by great teachers in the Artistic Skating world and enhanced his study and training in the field. As a coach of Dance, Freestyle, Pairs and Groups, he has achieved significant merits in the following events: World Roller Games, World Championships, Panamerican Games and Championships, South American Championships, European Championships / Cups and International Cups. The Argentinian Skating Confederation awarded him for standing out and contributing to the success of the national skating in 2010.


Headshot Residori Lorenza Residori (Italy)
Lorenza Residori graduated in Sports Sciences at the University of Verona and she actually is a Professor of Sports Sciences at “A. Manzoni” institute in Suzzara, Mantova. In 1980, she started her career as a coach of Artistic Roller Skating for the Single and Dance Couples specialties. After thirteen years, she dropped the Single specialty and decided to continue with Dance Couples. She received the “Palma d’Argento” award for sporting merit in 2007. As a coach of Dance Couples, she won 17 World Titles both in Senior and Junior categories in more than 10 different countries around the world. Lorenza has been a rhythmic gymnastic athlete in teams for 7 years. As an artistic skating athlete, she made her best performance in the Single specialty ranking 7th at the Italian Championship - Senior category and at the 5th place in the Couples specialty at the Italian Championship - Junior category. She has approached Dance Couples for six months- being trained by Mirko Menarini- and she eventually quit the sporting activities at the age of 18 for study reasons.


Headshot Sereno Filipe Sereno (Portugal)
Filipe Sereno is a former international Figure Skating athlete for Figures, Solo Dance and Couple Dance. Filipe has more than fifteen years’ experience as a physical education teacher and, in the past recent years, Filipe has been full-time dedicated to coaching clubs and national sport federations. His career started in 1992 and, since then, Filipe has gathered experience in all the skating disciplines, coaching several medal-winning athletes, such as the European and World Champions of Solo Dance, Couple Dance and Quartets. Since 2017, Filipe has focused his specialisation in Dance (Solo and Couples) and collaborates with the World Skate Academy since 2018.


Headshot Tofani Daniele Tofani (Italy)
Daniele Tofani is a software engineer, former Free Skating athlete and developer of the new judging system RollArt. In 1981, he put on his first roller skates and, after eight years, he participated in his first European Championships in Oviedo. In the following competitions, he gained 8 European gold medals (2 Senior), 3 German Cups and 8 silver/bronze medals in 8 World Championships (1995-2002). In 1998, he won the world title in Bogotà in Combined. After getting his degree in 2002 and competing in his last world championship in Wuppertal, he had a short "career" as choreographer and skater of Small Groups, winning the gold medal in Nantes and Portimao in 2010. In 2015, Nicola Genchi asked him to develop a simple interface to concretize a new project on the judging system. After a few months, there was the first official competition in Calenzano using the app RollArt. He started to collaborate with World Skate in 2018 as Technical Sports Platform Assistant and as Data Operator and he took part in the World Championships in La Vendèe (2018) and in the World Roller Games in Barcelona (2019).


Headshot Venerucci Patrick Venerucci (Italy)
Patrick Venerucci is a FISR coach for Pair Skating and Figure Skating and works as a teacher at SIRI, Italian Coaching School of Pairs Skating. He has been involved in coaching internships all over the world and organizes shows and events worldwide. As an athlete, he has been World Champion in Pairs Skating for eleven times, 2-time bronze medalist in Free Skating and he won two World Games. In 1994, he was elected Athletes’ Representative at FISR; four years later, he received the “Collare d’Oro” award by CONI and eventually became a FISR Federal Councilor in 2003. As a coach of Figure Pairs Skating, Patrick won several European titles and several World Championship medals from 1992 to nowadays, taking part in the World Games as well. Apart from Figure Pairs Skating, he won some European and World medals in Single specialty as a coach.


Headshot Jodee Jodee Viola (USA)
Jodee Viola, serving as her Regional Chairwoman, a member of the U.S. Figure Sports Committee and a World Skate Academy Leader, continues to contribute to the improvement of the sport that she loves. Jodee had the opportunity to train under and beside John and Dee Dee Viola where her experience has extended educating successful skaters and coaches from all over the world. As an elite athlete in Team Dance, her accomplishments are as follows: She was World Silver medalist in 1988 and Gold medalist from 1989 to 1991; she has been 2-time Olympic Sports Festival Gold medalist, World Games Silver medalist, Panamerican Games Gold medalist and U.S. Olympic Committee Female Athlete of the year.