Great expectations for Artistic Skating World Cup 2022


Nicola Genchi, World Skate Artistic Technical Commission Chairman: “At World Skate we are working to improve our sport” Expectations are extremely high for the Artistic Skating World Cup 2022: the beginning of the World Tournament, which represents a huge revolution for our sport, is one month away.

Nicola Genchi also said: “Each innovative project starts softly before taking its final shape. The current format of the World Cup is completely different from the past, and changes were introduced gradually. The main challenge for National teams attending competitions is to understand the innovations adopted and comply with such changes. It will be a very useful experience for everyone”.

The Cup will stage 4 different events, in which the most representative skaters - selected among the 6 best athletes of the relevant National Rankings - will compete: three semifinals (two in Europe and one in America) and the final in Göttingen, Germany. The Italian leg in Trieste, at the Palapikelc in Opicina from May 16th to 22nd, will open the Cup followed by the second semifinal at the Pavilhão Rota dos Móveis in Paredes - Portugal, from May 31st to June 4th, and then in Paraguay from June 13th to 19th at the Polideportivo SND Arena, where the last World Championships have been held, with the final to be staged in Germany. All disciplines and categories will be attending in the semifinals; the highest Total Technical Score obtained will determine who will be participating in the final. Quartet Senior, Large Groups, Small Groups and Precision Senior will only participate in the Final. African skaters may attend the European stops while - thanks to a wild card - Oceania and Asia will compete for all disciplines and categories in the final in Germany.

The forthcoming Artistic Skating World Cup 2022 will represent a further test to assess the evolution of this sport and the effectiveness of the changes introduced, with the goal to involve the largest number of Federations in a tournament gathering the élite of artistic skating.

It will be possible to watch the events live on WorldSkateTv