Artistic Skating World Championship begins September 19th in the Colombian city of Ibagué


Filled with passion, vision and highly skilled athletes, the 2023 Artistic Skating World Championship begins September 19th in the Colombian city of Ibagué. Surrounded by the Andes, Ibagué provides the perfect backdrop for what looks to be two weeks of intense competition.


For the 67th time, artistic skaters will come from around the world to compete for the title of World Champion. Everything is at risk on the floor…medals, pride, points for the World Skate Rankings and flags to be flown. With 28 countries competing, Artistic Skating is ready to show the globe why it is the best sport in the world.


Throughout the next two weeks 22 gold medals and the right to the title of World Champion will be fought for by nearly 800 skaters. This is Colombia’s sixth time to host an Artistic Skating World Championship and they are ready to welcome the global skating family.


If the Artistic International Series is any indication of the season, the crowds in Ibagué will certainly witness extraordinary skating. The hard work of the skaters and coaches is clear with the detailed focus on not only improving the technical elements but with rising Components as well. It is the balance of these two things that truly make Artistic Skating one of the most unique sports in the World. The sport has been evolving in monumental ways throughout the past five years with the inception of the Rollart Scoring System.


Kicking off the competition will be Solo and Couples Dance. With some champions retired, returning champions, new faces moving up to the Senior Ranks, and a deep field of solid athletes from across the globe, the dance events will have the crowds on the edge of their seats.The set pattern requirements in the Style Dance will showcase what technicians these skaters are. With compelling artistry on display in Free Dance, the dance events are sure to bring the crowds to their feet with exquisite skating and emotions to see which continents will end up on the steps of the podium.

The Free Skating competitors will be hoping for Personal Bests and potentially setting new all time highest records as they strive for perfection. In Senior look for the 2022 World Champions wanting to defend their titles while top skaters in the World Skate Rankings will be hoping to claim the gold as their own.The level of technical elements has grown exponentially throughout the past several seasons. The difficulty of these high level spins and jumps combined with top level footwork and beautiful artistry will delight the audiences. Each and every point will count to find who will reign supreme.

Perhaps the most spectacular discipline is the Pairs competition where skaters can literally soar. Unison, strength and innovation are three things to look for in Pairs. With complex and often gravity defying elements, pairs is an event where anything can happen. Remerging around the globe, this could be the year that new flags will be represented on the podium.

In a world all their own are the Quartet, Precision and Group events. The numbers alone make these not to be missed competitions. These special events are filled with  intricate and difficult elements that will bring drama and storytelling to the highest levels. The picture is often completed with elaborate costuming. It is where the performing arts come alive. 

The 67th rendition of the Artistic Skating World Championship will bring together the world in Colombia. Every skater will be working not only toward their personal best and seeking medal placements but to gain points for the important World Skate Rankings.  It is an event not to be missed! 

World Skate Artistic Commission Chairman Nicola Genchi said, “Rollart is now in its fifth year around the globe. The vision that was dreamed is now becoming a reality through the hard work of the skaters, trainers and officials. I am looking forward to the next two weeks at the 2023 World Championships in Ibagué.  With the development of the Artistic International Series and the World Skate Rankings I am anticipating a wonderful competition as the skaters are prepared to compete for the title of World Champion.”

History is always written at a World Championships. Two weeks, nearly 800 skaters from six continents, and thousands of emotions from all around the world will again prove why Artistic Skating is a sport to be seen.

Competition kicks off Tuesday, September 19th at 14:15 COT with Junior and Senior Solo Style Dance at the Parque Deportivo Municipal.