Junior Precision and Quartets and Small Show thrill the crowds in Ibaguè


Friday set the stage at Coliseo Mayor in Ibagué, Colombia for the Junior Quartets, Junior Precision and Small Show Groups at the 67th Artistic Skating World Championships. These events bring dramatic quality and dynamic skating.


With an assortment of required elements, the teams and groups take on high technique, incredible skating, the best in costuming and bring theatre right to the audience. All this is brought together by the skaters in hopes of clenching a World Title. Junior Precision and Junior Quartets first debuted last year in 2022 at the World Championships


Junior Precision has seven interesting required elements along with the Components.  With up to 16 skaters, it is a quick and fun moving event for these young athletes.  The defending champions Shiric of Argentina once again clenched the Gold Medal.  With 53.27 points, they skated a quick paced performance to the music of Micheal Jackson.  In a tight race for the remaining two podium spots it was .19 of a point that made the difference!  Winning the Silver Medal with “Epic Fight” was Monza Precision Team of Italy. They earned 46.63 points.  The third step on the podium and the Bronze Medal was Precision Skate Bologna of Italy. With fast and modern choreography they won 46.44 points.


1 Shiric, ARG 53.27

2 Monza Precision Team, ITA 46.63

3 Precision Skate Bologna, ITA 46.44


In Junior Quartet it was the Spanish flag flying high for the top two podium spots. Alexmar, representing Spain, engaged the crowd from the moment they took the floor.  With “Sleeping Beauty”, there was one beauty and three princes. Exquisite skills and powerful elements mixed with extraordinary choreography 52.56 points and the Gold Medal. Winning the Silver Medal was Artensia of Spain. With a smooth style and creative costume use they earned 47.09 points to “Always Coca Cola”  To complete the podium with their Bronze Medal finish was Sparkle Girls.  From Italy, they skated to “Indian Dance” with speed and character to a total score  44.38 points.


1 Alexmar, ESP 52.56

2 Artensia, ESP 47.09

3 Sparkle Girls, ITA 44.38


Originality and group technique with difficulty play a huge part in the spectacular event of Small Show. In another extremely close competition there was only .26 of a point between the top three teams. CPA Tona of Spain successfully defended their title to win the Gold Medal.  Performing “Save Her,” the team skated with breathtaking speed with sureness and at times defying gravity to earn 39.45 points. The Silver Medal was won by Artistic Skating Cunit of Spain performed a beautiful number to “Revolution” to earn 39.19 points. Cunit had telling emotion and compelling choreography.  In a tribute to the imagination of Disney and earning the Bronze Medal was Roma Roller Team of Italy with refreshing choreography. They also earned 39.19 points performing “…with a Mouse.”  In Show Skating ties are broken by the higher score in idea and choreography.  It was an intense competition bringing out the best in the athletes!


1 CPA Tona, ESP 39.45

2 Artistic Skating Cunit, ESP 39.19

3 Roma Roller Team, ITA 39.19


The original choreography, mesmerizing elements and the dramatic skating made it a night to remember. Junior Precision, Junior Quartets and Small Groups thrilled the crowds with an array of original choreography, inventive skills and the ability to tell a story.  These skaters bring a very special part of skating to life!


Tomorrow is the last day of competition at the 67th Artistic Skating World Championships!


The final medals will be awarded the 30th of September for Precision, Quartets and Large Show starting at 16:00 COT at Coliseo Mayor, Parque Deportivo Municipal, Ibagué, Tolima. 

You can followe the live streaming on www.worldskate.tv