Standing Room Only for the last Medals in Ibagué


The final day of competition at the 67th Artistic Skating World Championships showed how the  sport can become theatre. World titles were in pursuit for Senior Quartets, Senior Precision and Large Show. Coliseo Mayor was standing room only for these spellbinding events in beautiful Ibagué, Colombia. 


It is during these events that the magic of storytelling comes alive on the floor. Magnificent choreography, innovative elements and brilliant group technique are all part of these dramatic events.  


Senior Quartets kicked off the day of skating. With four required elements and Components it is a fast paced and engaging event. Vortex of Spain skated an innovative program to “The Red Thread” with beautifully deep edges and speed.  The theme was done in an outstanding way in all aspects including the powerful choreography, costuming and element design. Vortex won the Gold Medal with a score of 64.34 points. Claiming the Silver Medal was Celebrity of Italy.  With “The Land of Dreams” they skated with engaging presence and speed with a special show flair to their style.  Celebrity captured 58.97 points.  Also earning a step on the podium was Clover of Spain.  With “Queen of Hearts” they won the Bronze Medal.  With beautiful costumes in character they earned 52.14 points.


1 Vortex, ESP 64.33

2 Celebrity, ITA 58.97

3 Clover, ESP 52.14


Precision is where unison and synchronization matters.  With up to 16 skaters being precise is the name of the game with eight required elements.  By the end of the night it was Defending Champions Roller Dreams of Argentina winning the Gold Medal.  “Forever Whitney” was performed with ease and fluidity.  The musicality along with the difficult elements earned them 79.75 points and a standing ovation.  Precision Skate Bologna of Italy won the Silver Medal.  A beautiful theatrical skate to “I Have a Dream” earned them 71.62 points.  The Bronze Medal went to Sincro Roller of Italy.  A dramatic and intense skate to “Flamenco” won them 68.70 points.


1 Roller Dreams, ARG 79.75

2 Precision Skate Bologna, ITA 71.62

3 Sincro Roller, ITA 68.70


Large Show Groups have between 16-30 skaters. Well thought out programming takes over the entire floor with brilliant choreography and difficult skill with amazing costumes. The atmosphere was electric for this incredible event!  CPA Olot of Spain with their program filled with  modern choreography to “Don’t Tell Me Fairy Tales” brought the audience to their feet. Winning 41.02 points gave them the Gold Medal.  The second spot on the podium was CPA Girona of Spain.  “Let Me Live” had cutting edge design throughout the program.  With the Silver Medal they earned 40.17 points.  The Bronze Medal belongs to CPA Tona with “Check-In.”  The expressive and fun program gave them 36.45 points. It was a Spanish sweep of the podium!


1 CPA Olot, ESP 41.02

2 CPA Girona, ESP 40.17

3 CPA Tona, ESP 36.45


The impressive sport of Artistic Roller Skating has now concluded its 67th Artistic Skating World Championships. Now celebrating the fifth year of global use of the Rollart Scoring System, its design has been  exactly the injection of vision and energy that was needed. The quality of skating is reaching all time highs. The mix of the technical side and the artistic side shows the hard work of the skaters and coaches. 


World Skate Artistic Technical Commission Chairman Nicola Genchi said, “I am happy to say I have seen wonderful growth of the skaters. As we all work with the same rules and continuing education I believe our sport is headed in the correct direction. Witnessing the skating in Ibagué has been proof of that. I would like to thank everyone involved in the World Championships.”


It has been an incredible two  weeks showcasing the highest level of sport and technique. Two weeks of emotion, beauty, victories and defeats. Two weeks of nearly 800 skaters from 28 countries coming together to celebrate the spirt of sport.  And finally two weeks proving why artistic skating is the best sport in the world.

See you in Italy for the 2024 World Skate Games!