Major Successes with Artistic Seminar and Athletes Camp


The World Skate Artistic International Seminar held in Venice, Italy on November 17 and 18th was a sold out success with coaches and officials attending from 23 nations. 

Two full days of education, discussion and feedback were provided by the World Skate Artistic Technical Commission. Lessons were offered regarding the 2024 Rules as well as clarifications for Free Skating, Pairs, Dance, Precision, Quartet and Show.  These lessons are extremely important as the new season kicks off so the coaches, athletes and officials are fully prepared.

The knowledge of the rules makes for the best competition possible.  Well trained and prepared athletes and coaches with a clear understanding of the rules and regulations help drive the sport on the quest for perfection. Layered with continuing education and accountability for the officials is proof how important education is to the sport of artistic skating. 

Three of the top choreographers in the World led well thought classes regarding Components and Movement.  Andrea Bassi of Italy offered an intriguing class on the important aspects of Skating Skills and Transitions. The Art of Movement was presented by Luis Perez of Argentina.  It was during this class that attendees were opening their minds to different types of movement and what drives the movement.  Sandro Guerra of Italy presented a class on Musicality and Choreography. Guerras class showed two completely different types of choreography helping attendees to think about the acceptance of styles one might not expect. 

Artistic Skating is a sport that transcends into art. As artistic skating continues with forward momentum to the future, these classes were exactly the focus that is needed. 

On the technical side of the sport  the legendary Sara Locandro of Italy held a round table discussion on Free Skating. As one of the foremost technicians of all time, Locandro broke elements down step by step while answering any questions the delegates had in her vibrant way.

Compulsory Dance was lead by Lorenza Residori of Italy and assisted by Marie Gaudy of the USA. During this lesson new dances were introduced as well as all dances for the 2024 season were reviewed. 

Representing four continents, the 240 attendees were eager and ready for the Seminar.  In person learning adds a completely different dynamic for discussions and questions. Every person in the room walked away with volumes of valuable information.

Nicola Genchi, World Skate Artistic Technical Commission Chair said, It was an incredible moment to look at the room full of coaches and officials from 23 nations all back together again in person working towards the same vision.  I am very pleased with the World Skate Seminar. This was such a wonderful opportunity for all the delegates to learn and exchange thoughts for our sport of artistic skating.  Thank you to everyone involved and everyone who attended.” 

Also held during the weekend were important Exams for World Skate Technical Specialists and Judges.  The brave and knowledgeable test takers are to be commended for their dedication to the sport. 

Following the World Skate Seminar was the World Skate Athletes Camp held at the historic Pattinodromo Nuove Gemme in Spinea, Italy.  This one week camp from November 19 to 26th was designed on improving the skater as a whole. 

Training programs for Free Skating and Dance ranged from on skates technique classes, off skates workout, dance classes, video analysis of elements, equipment care and more. With cutting edge design the athletes and trainers attending got an inside look at the latest in methodology as well as the importance of different aspects of off skates training.

Nearly 220 athletes of all abilities from emerging skaters to the top ranked skaters in the world were brought together.  They came from 20 different countries and all with a shared passion.

The Athletes Camp was staffed by a team of eight prestigious skating coaches from around the world, two leading choreographers and an addition of nine people from the outside of the skating world to enhance the program.

Free Skating coaches included Sara Locandro, Manel Villaroya, Raffaelo Melossi with the support of Andrea Aracu and Cristian Travaglia.  Dance coaches on staff were Lorenza Residori, Luis Perez, Manuela Di Giacomantonio. Andrea Bassi and Pedro Romero were the choreographers.  With this star studded lineup the athletes received in depth training on everything from technical elements to skating skills and beyond.

The Athletes Camp was a remarkable experience for all involved. The skaters and observing trainers were enthusiastic and learning not only from the incredible team of coaches but from each other as well as they trained side by side. With the momentum seen at Camp, the 2024 season looks to be outstanding.

Genchi said, This was a dream to see a range of athletes working together with an elite staff.  The devotion to the sport I witnessed from all involved shows why events like this are important. The camp and sharing of knowledge helps ensure the future of the artistic skating.”