Record numbers for Artistic International Series, Trieste Edition


For more than 40 years Trieste, Italy has held a special spot in the heart of Artistic Skating and this week plays host to the 2024 Artistic International Series, Trieste Edition.

The next nine days from May 18 through May 26, the Palapikelc in Opicina will open its doors to what is to be incredible skating.

With a record amount of entries this year, the competition and the atmosphere are sure to be electric. Returning Series Champions and World Champions, along with a total of 504 skaters will make every moment count on the floor.

From the youngest athletes in Tots all the way to to the most experienced ones in Seniors, the Artistic International Series format pushes all skaters to bring their very best. The push is not only for the podium but for personal best scores.

Tots, Minis and Espoirs will compete in Free Skating and Solo Dance. For some of these young athletes this is their very first chance at a competition of this magnitude. It is in these moments that a spark can become a flame setting off a burning desire to become a future World Champion.

Cadet, Youth, Junior and Senior will go for the Gold in Free Skating, Pairs, Solo Dance and Couples Dance. Watch for not only the Technical Scores to rise but the Components as well. Skaters are growing in a rich and exquisite way that is proving this generation is one for the record books.

Don’t forget all Junior and Senior skaters are also on an imperative chase to earn points in the World Skate Rankings. It is these Rankings that not only give the skaters the chance to claim being the #1 ranked skater in the world but also set the starting order for the 2024 World Skate Games for Short Programs and Style Dance.

As tradition holds, Trieste is the largest multi-continental competition other than the World Championships. This year, with six continents present, is no different. It very often can be a glance at how the rest of the season will play out. But being a sport, anything can happen. The moments that matter are the ones on the floor.

Skaters and coaches have traveled from 30 countries to this magical spot for Artistic Skating. The season is already very intriguing with the retirement of some former World Champions.

By the end of the competition many flags will be flown. Dreams will be achieved. Personal victories will be accomplished, and with sport there will be some moments of pain of defeat. Artistic skating brings all the emotions and all the skills of the best athletes in the world.

The skaters are ready, the venue is ready, the hearts of the skaters are pounding. It is cannot miss competition.

The Trieste edition of the 2024 Artistic International Series is a book waiting to be written!

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