AIS Trieste 2024 Concludes with Major Wins and a Historic Moment for Ivory Coast


It was an action packed time at the 2024 Artistic International Series in Trieste, Italy. Artistic skaters from 30 countries brought their best to the Palapikelc in Opicina. A special place that for more than 40 years has opened its arms to the sport.

Tot, Mini, Espoir, Cadet and Youth skaters gave it their all. The upcoming generation is showing the complete package as skaters. These skaters are executing difficult elements and are working on components with speed and confidence adding an extra dazzle to our future World Champions.

Solo Dance kicked off the medal race in Junior and Senior. In Junior Ladies it was Lia Iwazaki of Brazil atop the podium with her Gold Medal performance. Representing Spain, Mirea Montilla Sanchez claimed the Silver Medal. Maria Munoz of Colombia is going home with the Bronze Medal. In Junior Men Solo Dance, Jeshua Folleco of Colombia solidified his #1 standing in the World Skate Rankings with the Gold Medal in Trieste. With a Silver Medal is Yuri Allegranti of Italy. Joan Jardi Marco of Spain pulled up in the Free Dance portion to the Bronze Medal.

With six of the top 10 in the World Skate Rankings and 20 countries competing, it was an outstanding competition in Senior Ladies Solo Dance. It was the 2023 World Champion Roberta Sasso of Italy winning the Gold Medal by one one-hundredth of a point. It was truly a nail biter finish. With a stunning Free Dance, it was Italy’s Asya Sofia Testoni claiming the Silver Medal. Spain’s Natalia Baldizzone Morales won the Bronze Medal.

Senior Men Solo Dance saw Italy at the top of the podium with a Gold Medal from Giorgio Cassella and a Silver Medal by Raoul Allegranti. Facundo Neiva of Argentina won his second Bronze Medal of the 2024 Artistic International Series.

Junior Ladies Solo Dance

1 Lia Iwazaki BRA 129.26

2 Mirea Montilla Sanchez ESP 128.69

3 Maria Munoz COL 123.76

Junior Men Solo Dance

1 Jeshua Folleco COL 135.65

2 Yuri Allegranti ITA 127.86

3 Joan Jardi Marco ESP 124.56

Senior Ladies Solo Dance

1 Roberta Sasso ITA 148.21

2 Asya Sofia Testoni ITA 148.20

3 Natalia Baldizzone ESP 140.73

Senior Men Solo Dance

1 Giorgio Casella ITA 150.93

2 Raoul Allegranti ITA 142.16

3 Facundo Neiva ARG 141.41

RZ9 5944

(Lia Iwazaki)

RZ9 0231

(Giorgio Casella)

The champions in Junior Free Skating both exceeded the 200 point range. In the Junior Ladies Free Skating it was 2023 World Champion and #1 in the World Skate Rankings, Madalena Costa of Portugal with the Gold Medal. Winning the Silver Medal was Paula Roman Mari of Spain. Joining her teammate on the podium was Ivet Ashurst Nohales of Spain.

Guillermo Gomez of Spain captured the Junior Men Free Skating Gold Medal in his first year of Junior. Winning the Silver Medal was the 2023 World Silver Medalist, Ferran Clavero of Spain. Daniele Ricci of Italy finished with the Bronze Medal.

Senior Ladies Free Skating added to the history book of the beautiful sport. Representing the Ivory Coast, Yené Soro won the Gold Medal. This is the first ever Artistic International Series win for the Ivory Coast and the continent of Africa. With the Silver Medal was Federica Pizzingrilli of Italy. Sandra Diaz of Colombia earned the Bronze Medal.

Alessandro Liberatore of Italy won the Gold Medal in Senior Men Free Skating. This is the third year of the Series and Liberatore’s third Gold Medal. Kilian Gomis of Spain earned the Silver Medal. He is currently #2 in the World Skate Rankings. Spain also earned the Bronze Medal with the performance of Hector Diez Severino.

Junior Ladies Free Skating

1 Madalena Costa POR 242.03

2 Paula Roman Marti ESP 154.90

3 Ivet Ashurst Nohales ESP 143.27

Junior Men Free Skating

1 Guillermo Gomez ESP 269.37

2 Ferran Clavero ESP 174.60

3 Daniele Ricci ITA 168.31

Senior Ladies Free Skating

1 Yené Soro CIV 154.91

2 Federica Pizzingrilli ITA 139.96

3 Sandra Diaz COL 129.31

Senior Men Free Skating

1 Alessandro Liberatore ITA 248.82

2 Kilian Gomis ESP 229.94

3 Hector Diez Severino ESP 220.62


(Madalena Costa)

RZ9 4900

(Guillermo Gomez)

RZ9 8394

(Yené Soro)


(Alessandro Liberatore)

A beautiful aspect of both Pairs and Couple Dance is unison. Often unison can transfix the audience to an entirely new world. Trieste was no exception.

Italy had a gold rush winning the top podium spot in all categories in Pairs. In Junior it was Angelina Polli and Jose’Enrico Inglese of Italy on top with Gold Medals. Italy also captured the Silver Medals with Alessia Berto and Thomas Lauri. Earning the Bronze Medals were Geraldine Tovar and Issac Sotomayor of Colombia. In Senior it was the 2023 World Silver Medalists and #2 in the World Skate Rankings team of Micol Mills and Tommaso Cortini of Italy winning the Gold Medals. The Silver Medals were won by Caterina Locuratolo and Jacopo Russo also of Italy. Representing Argentina were the Bronze Medalists Carolina Perez and Tomas Esposito.

Junior Couple Dance saw Elisa Cavina and Yuri Allegranti of Italy with Gold Medals on top of the leaderboard. Alice Vedova and Emanuele Babuin with their Silver Medal performance added another flag of Italy to the podium. Maria Munoz and Jeshua Folleco of Colombia, the 2023 World Champions earned the Bronze Medals.

Caterina Artoni and Raoul Allegranti of Italy and #3 in the World Skate Rankings skated their way to Gold Medals with a breathtaking Free Dance in Senior Couple Dance. Roberta Sasso and Gheraldo Altieri Degrassi of Italy won the Silver Medals. They are the 2023 World Champions. Completing the sweep for Italy was Ilaria Golluscio and Samuele Stasi with the Bronze Medals.

Junior Couple Dance

1 Cavina & Allegranti ITA 120.34

2 Vedova & Babuin ITA 114.77

3 Munoz & Folleco COL 114.12

Senior Couple Dance

1 Artoni & Allegranti ITA 146.72

2 Sasso & Altieri ITA 139.96

3 Golluscio & Stasi ITA 120.75

Junior Pairs

1 Polli & Inglese ITA 107.05

2 Berto & Lauri ITA 87.64

3 Tovar & Sotomayor COL 81.03

Senior Pairs

1 Mills & Cortini ITA 182.26

2 Locuratolo & Russo ITA 138.45

3 Perez & Esposito ARG 85.92

RZ9 7639

(Artoni & Allegranti)

RZ9 3111

(Mills & Cortini)

By the end of the nine days of competition in Trieste nine different flags flew above the podium steps. More than 500 brought their hearts and skill to the floor. It was an event to be remembered. Skaters in the Junior and Senior events also earned points for the World Skate Rankings. As the season is moving forward these points become very important as they set the starting order for Short Programs and Style Dance at the World Skate Games.

Nicola Genchi, Chairman of the World Skate Artistic Technical Commission said, “The nine days of competition in Trieste were great. It was an outstanding conclusion to the 2024 Artistic International Series. Plans are for the Series next season to be even better. Huge and endless thank you to a really amazing organization and the more than 80 volunteers. They are so professional and committed with their work of many days before the competition starts right up until the last second.”

During the wonderful Opening Ceremonies of the AIS:Trieste Edition a special moment was had when 100 skaters were on the floor representing each year of the 100 years of World Skate. It is remarkable to think that for 100 years skaters have come together to share passion. What a beautiful pathway it has been to where the sport stands now.

We celebrate not only the sport but the organization as well. Happy 100th to World Skate! Up next will be the 2024 World Skate Games in Rimini, Italy!

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