Murcia 2006 - Junior Results


The Junior competitions are over. Good the technical level in all the specialities.

The Junior competitions are over here  in Murcia. The skaters have been  doing a good job in keeping the suspense and  giving enjoyment to the people  in  the Sports Center.  In the  ladies figures  the big  fight has  been between the two german girls: Julia Woyciechowski, Vanessa Aurich.  At the end Julia won with  a very good fourth exercise.  Third Alba  Perez Rifa  that has skated good  level exercises during all the competition. For   the free there  have been no   doubt on the first place both on the  Short Program and Long Program. We already  knew the  competition would  have been  tough but   the show  was beautiful.  A good number of  skaters were  able to  present double  axels and  triples but  Debora Sbei(16  years old)  trained by Sara  Locandro from Italy  could have been  in Seniors.  With  complete  rotations and  perfect  landed  jumps, she   had no trouble  to beat the  Italian Sara Venerucci  and the  current World Champion Alba Perez  Rifa who  won the combined. For  the mens Marco Santucci  from Italy won Figures Free and  Combined. In  the figures we had a good competition in  which there  have been  a lot  of  changes  during the  four exercises. There was great improvement in the level of  the Chinese   Taipei in  this speciality  especially in  the loops. In the  free we had  a big show  from  the japanese  Nishiki Shingo. 

His jumps have  improved a great deal since the  last  year. Unluckly the  spins are weak  and  didn't let him get on the top but his way  to express himself on the  skates hit  the  audience which gave him a  standing ovation for  his  Short  Program. In Pairs  the   two italian  pairs   didn't   have any problems to get  the  first two medals. The  Argentinian pair were good. In   Dance  the  run for  the   first place was between   the two italian   couples  and the  US couple.  During  all the   competition  the  response  from  the   judges   was unpredictable.

At  the end Gold and   Silver for Italy  and Bronze for  USA.

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