Murcia 2006 - Inline, Show and Precision Results


Even the Inline, Show and Precision World Championships are over in Murcia. Following the results. Improved the level in Inline Skating. Good to see various flags on the podium in this  discipline. For the ladies  the italian Silvia Marangoni has  been working very hard to get the Gold medal.  She has been first both in the  Short Programe and the Long Program with good Heel Camels. Very  good the   Argentinian Carlos  Urquia  and  the  Brazilian  Gustavo Casado Melo that at the end won gold  and silver medal with a good  mix  of choreography and technique. The french Eric Trounez, was first in Short Program and finished third after  many mistakes  which lost in two positions.

Unluckily  for  Show  there  were  not as many  teams  as  the  last  year. But  the competition was a real show. All of the seven teams were very good and it was  very hard for the judges to decide which to award with the gold medal. At  the end  the Spanish  Show "DIFFERENT"  got the  first place.  Powerful and emotional the argentinian show  "EVA" telling the story  of Evita Peron got  the second place and third the other spanish group "Who plays with whom".

Even in  the Precision  skating was  very hard  to decide  which of the teams to award with the gold medal.  Argentinian teams this year were  particularly good. Their ability in changing formation is astonishing, so they gained both the Gold and the Silver medal leaving the Bronze Medal to the German team which made  too many mistakes in their routine.

Murcia 2006 - Inline(ShP) Group Results.pdf

Murcia 2006 - Inline Show Precision Results.pdf

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