Murcia 2006 - Seniors Competitions


Seniors Competitions started with Figures, Compulsory and Pairs.

Senior competitions  started here  in Murcia  on the  6th of  December.

Mens and Womens figure have been  really hard for the  skaters. There have  been a lot of changes  of placements during the  four excercises. For the  Ladies the German girl Sandra  Woyciechowsky got the  Gold  Medal, Cristina  Giulianini the Silever  Medal and Monica Gimeno  Coma from Spain  the Bronze Medal.  Mens also, the  level was quite  high. The Italian  Roberto  Riva, the US  Kyle  Turley and the   German Frank  Albiez have  been exchanging   first place  during all  the competition. At the   end the highest  podium was for  Roberto Riva, second  was Kyle Turley and third Frank Albiez.

Big competition also for the Compulsory  Dances. The fight as usual was  between the US Teams and  Italian teams on the music of Starlight Waltz and Icelnad Tango.

After the  compulsory the US team  Logan Boggs - Julie Locke  leads, Mirko Pontello  - Melissa DeCandido  follows and then  the other italian couple Gabriele Gasparini - Erica Gasparini.

For the pairs the show was at its top. The teams have been performing really nice programs the Murcia pubblic has been enjoying a lot.The three italian teams lead after the Short Program, US teams follows.

Murcia 2006 - Senior Ladies Figures.pdf

Murcia 2006 - Senior Mens Figures.pdf

Murcia 2006 - Senior Pairs Short.pdf

Murcia 2006 - Senior Dance Compulsory.pdf

The pictures have been kindly provided by Raniero Corbelletti. For more info :