Murcia 2006 - Seniors Competitions


Senior Competitions almost over in Murcia. Under tone Ladies Long Program, wonderful Mens Short.

Started    the    countdown   in    Murcia     for   the    closing    of    the 51st WorldChampionships. Still two gold Medals to  award today but let's give  a

look back. Finally  Tanja Romano  won on  the music  of Carmen  of Bizet  followed by   the Argentinian Linsalata and the other italian Baldisser.

Much better the Mens Short Program. Luca D'Alisera leads the competition with an almost perfect  program with   a mistake  in the   sit spin  of the combination, second Andrea  Barbieri and third Daniel Arriola.

Murcia 2006 - Senior Pairs Free.pdf

Murcia 2006 - Senior Ladies Free.pdf

Murcia 2006 - Senior Mens Short.pdf

The pictures have been kindly provided by Raniero Corbelletti. For more info :