Murcia 2006 - Senior Competitions are over


The last medals awarded in Murcia for Mens and Dance

The last day in  Murcia for the World  Championships reserved a wonderful  show.

The Dance was  beautiful: very close  the two teams  one from Italy  De Candido

- Pontello and the other from US Loggs - Locke.

The Mens competition made us enjoy with beautiful programs. Many of the  skaters

performed triple jumps  and good spins.  All the judges  didn't have problem  in

giving the  first place  to Luca  D'Alisera that,  even making  two jumps at the

beginning of two combinations just double, performed a beautiful program. Second

and third Roberto Riva  and Daniel Arriola, too  many mistakes and missed  jumps

but very good programs.

Murcia 2006 - Senior Dance Mens Results.pdf


The pictures have been kindly provided by Raniero Corbelletti. For more info :