2007 New Artistic Skating Rules

Presented in Murcia the new rules for all the disciplines for Artistic Skating

On the 5th of December 2006 in Murcia Sport Center the CIPA commitee held the meeting with all the National Federations.

One topic item of the meeting was the presentation of the new rules will be functioning from the 2007 Worlds Championships.

For the last two years CIPA Committee has been observing and studying our events to improe and update our rules & regulations for 2007.

1. We will have an addition of a third group of Figures for the Junior Figure Skaters, (this will help the Junior Figure Skaters to prepare themselves to advance to the Senior event).

2. Free Skating - The Junior Free Skating Short Programs will have the same requirements as the Senior Short Program with new set elements for the order of skating. (This is to show a variety in programming).

3. Free Skating Long Program will require two sets of advanced footwork of skaters choice, either a straight line, diagonal or circular.

4. Pairs - Junior and Senior Pairs Long Program will have limitations on the number of lifts and the number of rotations. They will also be required to do two death spirals; one on the inside edge, and one on the outside edge. In one footwork sequence teams choice of either a straight line, diagonal or circular. The couple must include one spiral (arabesque) sequence with at least one change of edge.

5. Free Dance/OD will have new timing requirements for entering and exiting the floor with new lift restrictions, and two required step sequences.

6. Original Dance - OD will have new dance rhythms and new set elements.

7. In Line Free Skating - Short program set elements and Long program footwork set elements will be the same as the Junior and Senior Free Skating.

8. Junior Solo Dance will be added to the program 2007 with Compulsory Dance and Solo Free Dance. We have recognized that this discipline is increasing around the world, and it is CIPA´s responsibility to recognize events that are popular in our sport.

All the details of the new rules are to be found in the CIPA rule book to download in the Regulations section.