1st International Meeting - Roccaraso

From the 26th of August until the 1st of September, just before the Cadet & Youth European championships, the FIRS - FIHP have organized the first international meeting for Figure and Free in Roccaraso.

It was a real success. Trainers came from 7 different nations, not bad for the first edition. In alphabetical order:





Great Britain



New Zeland


For a total of 60 trainers and 220 skaters (About 25 people came from Argentina )!


During all days, in the morning,  the Italian national team leaded by Sara Locandro (Responsible of the Italian School of Artistic Skating) and Antonio Merlo (Technical Chief of the National Italian Team) has organized several seminars on different topics regarding artistic skating for free and figure with the help of DVD and documents. The seminars were really interesting. It was no a “one way” speaking but all of the participants where welcome in talking, asking and sharing their own experiences. The Italian National Team has been always there to give support with the experience and the studies that they keep on doing to always make our sport better. Italian trainers were:



Bientinesi Andrea (Gym Trainer)

Lugli Alberto (Sport Doctor)



In the rink with the kids, there were skaters as Roberto Riva, Tanja Romano and Luca Lallai helping and supporting the skaters willing to improve their technique.


Enthusiastic the comments of the Argentina team as well as that of all the participants.


The seminar has finished with the President Sabatino Aracu (FIRS and FIHP President), distributing the certificates of participation to all the skaters one by one.


In the next morning, after the official closing of the seminar with thePresident  of FIRS - FIHP Sabatino Aracu  doing his speech in front of all the trainers which joined the stage, one by one the President Aracu has been awarding the trainers with certificates of participation to the stage. Of course also the foreign trainers took their certificates: Argentina, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Iran, New Zeland.

In the night a wonderful exhibition took place in the rink in which skater as Roberto Riva (World Champion), Tanja Romano (World Champion) , Luca D'Alisera and many others performed  their programmes in presence of the public that is already arriving to assist at the European Championships.