2008 Senior World Artistic Championships - Third Day

Final results of Ladies Senior and Solo Senior. Tanja Romano at her best!

Source Style Format Font Size Yesterday the 2008 World Championships were over for Ladies and Solo. The show, especially

in the ladies was wonderful. Tanja Romano skated her routine perfectly with elegance and fluently.

Four judges geave her 10 in the B mark. Tanja was followed by her two team mates Rosalba Genito

and Annalisa Graziosi.

In the Solo, the competition was between the two italians and the portughuse guy. The three programmes were beautiful and different. The competition was won by Daniel Morandin followed by Hugo Chapouto and the other italian Alessandro


Very good the men competition. Very high the level! Roberto Riva is leading the competition. His programme was awarded with seven 9.9 in the B mark. He's followed by the perfect programmes of Andrea Barbieri and Marcel Sturmer.

Following the results

Solo Dance Senior

Ladies Senior final

Ladies Senior Combined