2008 Senior World Artistic Championships - Final Day

The competitions in Kaohsiung are over. The level of mens amazing. All the skaters did their best.

The 53rd edition of the World Championships is over. Today all the problems and challenge we had to

face have been forgotten thanks to the wonderful show the skaters allow us to see.

In the Dance the result was really in doubt since the end. At the end the italian couple Gasparini-Gasparini

won followed by the other italian couple Pontello-De Candido and the american couple Turley-Menard. Wonderful

the free dance they offered us to see.

Roberto Riva was awarded with a 10 in the A mark and three 10 in the B mark! Almost all the skaters

performed very good programmes of very high level.

Following the results.

Mens Free

Mens Combined

Dance Final