2009 World Artistic Championships at the start

As we would expected, the Organization of the 2009 World Championships in Freiburg is perfect. The hospitality and the work of the volunteer is making it a sure success.

The Organization Committee is working very hard to make everything ready for the start of the World Championships. Whoever was at the Schauenberghalle rink today could already attend to the preparing of the Opening Ceremony that will take place next Friday the 13th.

Today is the Registration day. At 16:00 the Draw of Figures will take place.

Very positive even the first numbers for the Junior competitions:

27 Nations participating

32 Ladies for figures

33 Ladies for free

11 Mens for figures

11 Mens for free

7 Dance Couples

7 Pairs Couples

15 Solo Dance

8 Inlines Ladies

8 Inline Mens

Please have a look on the World Championships website : www.freiburg2009.com