With 4 medals in the Junior Solo Dance, Italy leads the Medal Table in Asuncion 2021


Today the Junior Solo Dance completed their competitions on both Ladies and Men categories. In the ladies, the two Italians Roberta Sasso (60.04 pts) and Emily Parma (52.87 pts) were leading the ranking after the style dance, followed by Ines Alves (POR) with 45.33 points, Stela Custodio Rocha (BRA) and Maria Teresa Silvestre (POR), with respectively 44.88 and 41.74 points.

The free dance confirmed the style dance ranking in the podium: Bronze for Ines Alves on "Welcome to Wonderland"; Silver for Emily Parma on "Me voy, le di a lacala alance"; Gold for Roberta Sasso on "Indigenes".

Two Italians also in the lead of the men style dance, Francesco Barletta (61.18 pts) and Gherardo Altieri Degrassi (55.82 pts), followed by the Colombian Jeshua Folleco (45.14 pts), the Brazilian Erik Medziukevicius Leite (44.29 pts) and the American Noah Zheng with 38.49 pts.

Bronze for Folleco on "Cuando las nubes oculta el sol"; Silver for Gherardo on "Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven" and Gold for Francesco Barletta.

Junior Ladies
Gold Roberta Sasso - ITA (127.50 pts)
Silver Emily Parma - ITA (121.55 pts)
Bronze Ines Alves - POR (105.27 pts)

Junior Men
Gold Francesco Barletta - ITA (133.27 pts)
Silver Gherardo Altieri Degrassi - ITA (125.00 pts)
Bronze Jeshua Folleco - COL (98.42 pts)

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Photos by Raniero Corbelletti: click here for the full galleries

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