Day 10 of competition in Asuncion: freeskating long program

With 46 skaters on the rink performing the freeskating long program, magic was in the air in Asuncion!
In the Senior Ladies competition, the reigning champion Rebecca Tarlazzi (ITA) confirmed the first position of the short program and grabbed the Gold with a thrilling performance (187.43 pts). Second place and Silver medal for the Spanish Andrea Silvia Pascual on the musics "The witch trials, Roar of Saturn" (160.86 pts) coming back from the third position in the short.
Bronze medal for Letizia Ghiroldi (ITA) with 155.17 pts on "The swan".
Senior Ladies
Gold Rebecca Tarlazzi - ITA (187.43 pts)
Silver Andrea Silvia Pascual - SPA (160.86 pts)
Bronze Letizia Ghiroldi - ITA (155.17 pts)
In the men category, it was again a fight for the Gold between Italy and Spain. with two Italians - Luca Lucaroni and Alessandro Liberatore - respectively on first and third position after the short program and the Spanish Pau Garcia Domec in second position, only 0.66 points far from the defending champion. What a show!
Alessandro Liberatore on "Fiamme, Oceano, Wild Side" got 234.65 points: not enough to climb on the first step of the podium, he got the Bronze. Pau Garcia Domec got 279.64 points in an incredible performance on "Vuelvo a escuchar cantar, Guernika". Luca Lucaroni was the last to skate: on a "Dorian Gray" inspired theme and the final total score of 273.52 pts, he got the Silver medal on his neck.
Senior Men
Gold Pau Garcia Domec - SPA (279.64 pts)
Silver Luca Lucaroni - ITA (273.52 pts)
Bronze Alessandro Liberatore - ITA (234.65 pts)

All the competitions are live on thanks to Elena IƱiguez for the English commentary

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