History is made in Spectacular Senior Free Skating


It was the night for the royalty of Senior Free Skating at the 67th Artistic Skating World Championships in Ibagué, Colombia.  Artistry, passion and sport all formed the perfect trifecta. 


Senior Free Skating has always been a part of the World Championships. It is these events that are considered the marquee events for the sport. Every year the greatest skaters in the world gather to not only prove to the world how good they are but on a deeper level they prove it to themselves.  These athletes are born with innate determination. 


Day in and day out these skaters train both physically and mentally. They push themselves and they push the sport to the limit. Every year the bar rises. The skaters are not only after the medals, they are after their own personal bests.  Elements once thought to be impossible are now performed with near perfection. The deep push for artistry is clear as Components continue to rise. 


Senior Ladies Free Skating was a fight for every point. The title of World Champion came down to just over 1 point defining the podium places. After sensational skates by the Ladies in the Long Programs it was defending champion Rebecca Tarlazzi of Italy climbing  to the top of the podium to take home the Gold Medal. With a refined style that captured both femininity and strength in her Long Program to “L’amore al tempo del colera”, Tarlazzi earned 189.71 points.  Carla Escrich of Spain won the Silver Medal with 189.39 points.  Escrich skated a well designed program with wonderful character to the “Man of La Mancha.”  The Bronze Medallist is Giada Luppi of Italy. To the music of “Rain” Luppi showed her dramatic flair and powerful jumps to earn 188.66 points. 


Rebecca Tarlazzi has now won her 16th World Champion Title. This Gold Medal gives Tarlazzi the profound distinction of being the winningest artistic skate in history at a World Championships.


1 Rebecca Tarlazzi, ITA 189.71

2 Carla Escrich, ESP 189.39

3 Giada Luppi, ITA 188.66


The crowds at Colesio Mayor ignited as the last group of Senior Men Free Skaters took the floor. They knew they were in for spectacular skating. Pau Garcia of Spain skates with a defined and polished style while making extremely difficult elements look easy. He successfully defended his Senior Men’s Free Skating World Title.  Garcia earned  271.51 points to the music of “Shadows.”  Joining his countryman on the podium was Kilian Gomis of Spain. Winning the Silver Medal at his first World Championships, Garcia skated with speed and delight to the music of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” while earning 253.13 points. Diogo Craveiro of Portugal earned the Bronze Medal.  To the music of “Dust and Ashes”, Craveiro skated with confidence to capture 244.87 points.


1 Pau Garcia, ESP 271.51

2 Kilian Gomis, ESP 253.13

3 Diogo Craveiro, POR 244.87

All of the skaters in Junior and Senior Free Skating, Solo Dance, Couples Dance and Pairs in Ibagué have earned points for the World Skate Rankings.  This ranking system not only gives the skaters the tools to gauge themselves throughout the season but will determine the starting order for next year’s World Championships. 


Every time a World Championship takes place things happen. Innovation is seen. Heartbreak can be felt. Triumphant wins are shared. Skaters push themselves throughout the year while often facing many obstacles and barriers to compete at a World Championship.  The grit is always worth the glory.  This is where the magic happens. Artistic skating is the among the greatest sports in the world!


Competition is daily. The next medals will be awarded the 29th of September for Junior Precision, Junior Quartet and Small Show starting at 16:35 COT at Coliseo Mayor,  Parque Deportivo Municipal, Ibagué, Tolima.