Artistic International Series Brasilia 2024 Shines Bright


Artistic Skating was shining bright during the Artistic International Series held April 5-14 in Brasilia, Brazil. It was a week of competition to remember at the Iate Clube de Brasilia with 360 skaters from 15 countries. This is a special time for roller sports as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the international governing body now known as World Skate. There was no better way to celebrate this remarkable milestone than with skaters on the floor. The future of World Skate and its commitment to programs and events were evident as seen with the depth of the talent seen in Brasilia. Artistic Skating is a special and cherished part of the World Skate family. Spotlighting the foundation and future of Artistic skating were the Tot, Mini, Espoir, Cadet and Youth categories. These skaters brought their energy and their bravery resulting in seven different countries and two continents among the spots on the podium. The temperature was hot and the battles were too during the Junior and Senior events. New programs were reveled and stakes were high. Skaters were not only after a medal but also to better their positions in the World Skate Rankings. It was a clean sweep in Junior Ladies Solo Dance for host country Brazil. Anna Fruchi climbed to the top of the podium to claim her gold medal. Moving up from 4th place after Style Dance to the Silver Medal was Manuela Nakano . To complete the sweep was Melissa Passarelli winning the Bronze Medal. When the dust settled in Junior Men Solo Dance it was USA’s Sean Folstein’s moment to have the Gold Medal with a spectacular Free Dance. Jeshua Folleco of Colombia won the Silver Medal. The third spot and Bronze Medal went to Kevin Leite of Brazil. Senior Ladies Solo Dance Gold Medal went Erika Alarcon of Paraguay. Alarcon, with her wonderful essence and skill, is very familiar with the podium and looks to continue to move up in the World Skate Rankings. The Silver Medal went to Gabriella Giraldi of host country Brazil. Giraldi skates with passion every time she takes the floor. Adding another flag of Brazil to the podium was beautiful Bianca Ameixeiro winning the Bronze Medal. The Senior Men Solo Dance Gold Medal was owned by Brayan Carreño, the 2022 World Champion. Carreño of Colombia comes to each and every competition prepared and with well executed programs. Representing Brazil, it was Eric Leite who captured the Silver Medal. Leite is a well versed skater competing in both Free Skating and Solo Dance. Earning the Bronze Medal was Facundo Nieva of Argentina.


Junior Ladies Solo Dance

1 Anna Fruchi BRA 124.20

2 Manuela Nakano BRA 122.81

3 Melissa Passarelli BRA 122.01


Junior Men Solo Dance

1 Sean Folstein USA 126.39

2 Jeshua Folleco COL 121.89

3 Kevin Leite BRA 106.08


Senior Ladies Solo Dance

1 Erika Alarcon PAR 150.53

2 Gabriella Giraldi BRA 144.48

3 Bianca Ameixeiro BRA 140.12


Senior Men Solo Dance

1 Brayan Carreño COL 147.18

2 Erik Leite BRA 137.29

3 Facundo Nieva ARG 135.49


All three spots on the podium for Junior Ladies Free Skating went to Argentina. Zoe Manggia ended up in the top spot among her teammates to claim the Gold Medal. Lola Fernandez won the Silver Medal by a mere .67 points. Claiming the Bronze Medal was Valentina Longo to complete the flag sweep for Argentina. In Junior Men Free Skating it was Juan Rodriguez of Argentina capturing the Gold Medal. Rodriguez, the 2023 World Bronze Medalist, also wins 156 points to continue his upward surge in the World Skate Rankings. Abel Palomo of Chile stood in the Silver Medal box to claim his medal. Kevin Leite of Brazil earned his second Bronze Medal to the delight of the host country. This year Samia Alava of Ecuador likes the color Gold. After winning Americas Cup in January, she once again collected the Gold Medal in Senior Ladies Free Skating here in Brasilia. Coming in with the Silver Medal was the 2023 Pan American Games Champion Sandra Diaz of Colombia. Brazil’s own Bianca Ameixeiro earned her second Bronze Medal of the week. The Senior Men Free Skating Gold Medalist is 2023 Pan American Games Champion Erik Leite of Brazil. This was Leite’s second medal of the competition. Tim Schubert of Germany and his polished style took home the Silver Medal. The Bronze Medal, and his second of the competition, is Thiago Tortato of Brazil.


Junior Ladies Free Skating

1 Zoe Manggia ARG 145.52

2 Lola Fernádez ARG 124.67

3 Valentina Longo ARG 124.01

Junior Men Free Skating

1 Juan Rodriguez ARG 172.49

2 Abel Palomo CHI 120.18

3 Kevin Leite BRA 116.69


Senior Ladies Free Skating

1 Samia Alava EDU 147.26

2 Sandra Díaz COL 133.06

3 Bianca Ameixeiro BRA 127.01


Senior Men Free Skating

1 Erik Leite BRA 207.31

2 Tim Schubert GER 185.35

3 Thiago Tortato BRA 139.61


Couple Dance and Pairs are very special events in Artistic Skating. Not only does it take the matching of skills but includes many other factors to make it work as a team. The recommitment to these events is seen with six different South American countries competing. In Junior Couple Dance is was Jeshua Folleco and Maria Muñoz of Colombia with the Gold Medal. They are the 2023 World Champions and currently number one of the World Skate Rankings. Earning the Silver Medal was Vincente Cisternas and Pía Scheid of Chile. In Senior Couple Dance the Gold Medals went to Felipe Werle and Gabriella Giraldi of Brazil. This was Giraldi’s second medal of the competition. Joan Mendieta and María Sandoval of Colombia finished in the second spot with Silver Medals. Thiago Tortato and Luana Leão of Brazil pulled up to win the Bronze Medals. In Junior Pairs it was the flag of Brazil that took all three spots on the podium. Lucas Carmona and Natalia de Sicker won the Gold Medals. Arthur Bastos and Valentina Armelin earned the Silver Medals. The third podium spot went to Yago Soares and Giullia Gastaldi. Senior Pairs it was Tomas Esposito and Carolina Perez of Argentina climbing the podium steps to the Gold Medal. Giving Bolivia the Silver Medal was Paulo Andia and Anahi Saavedra.


Junior Couples

1 Folleco & Muñoz COL 125.79

2 Cisternas & Scheid CHI 62.19

Senior Couples

1 Werle & Giraldi BRA 116.65

2 Mendieta & Sandoval COL 90.36

3 Tortato & Leão BRA 88.82


Junior Pairs

1 Carmona & Di Siquiera BRA 71.80

2 Bastos & Armelin BRA 62.13

3 Soares & Gastaldi BRA 46.42


Senior Pairs

1 Esposito & Perez ARG 94.49

2 Andia & Saavedra BOL 44.39

By the conclusion of the competition, flags from 11 different countries were flown over the podium. A new step is also complete in the quest to become the number one ranked skater as the World Skate Rankings are updated again after the completion of the AIS Brasilia Edition. The starting order for Short and Style Dances at the 2024 World Skate Games in Rimini, Italy will be based upon Rankings. “The Artistic International Series in Brasilia was a successful event. We have to continue to work on bettering everything about the sport. Skaters are now more prepared than ever for intense competition and many presenting beautiful and difficult programs. I would like to thank World Skate, CBHP and FEBRAHPA for the work involved,” said Nicola Genchi, Chairman of the World Skate Artistic Technical Commission.

Next stop is the Trieste Edition of the Artistic International Series from 17-26th of May. Be sure to join back in as anticipation rises for this special event.

 FOTO Raniero Corbelletti

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